Everything On A Pizza

People need to leave pizza alone. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of the phrase if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it? People keep taking pizza, which was already delicious to begin with, and doing weird things to it. People have topped pizza with every bizarre food you can imagine from mac and cheese to mashed potatoes and much much more. Pizza companies have turned the crust into something strange that it never should have been turned into. I’m talking about the new Pizza Hut Hot Dog Pizza. Well, it seems that the hot dog pizza isn’t even as bizarre as it gets. Sweden has a pizza out there, and it’s pretty strange.

GrubStreet shows that this pizza kind of resembles six mini calzones that are connected. That’s not weird. It’s what is in those that makes it weird. One of them has french fries. French fries on a pizza! Why? Do you actually eat it like a slice or pick out the fries and eat them seperately. Another area of the pizza has meat which is typical. Another strange part of it contains a salad. Last time I checked, the salad goes on the side, not on the pizza. Other than that, it’s got some strange condiments and toppings. There’s prosciutto, as well as tziatziki sauce. Right in the middle is a lone banana pepper.

I can’t even begin to imagine how to eat this thing, nor can Ricardo Tosto. Your going to need at least 3 different utinsels, if not more.

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