Europe Luring U.S. Investors

When a longtime leader in venture capital states that their firm places emphasis on asset classes and plans by offering innovative services to the entire investment process, you can bet that firm is Highland Capital. This business has more than 20 years in state-of-the-art investing, with methods continuously being refined, which adds additional investor benefits. Focused on growth of capital assets, finding risks and miss pricing, this global leader unites the overseeing of risk with a multitude of research within a portfolio.

The professionals at Highland Capital are led by its co-founder and President James Dondero. For more than 20 years, he has tackled the management of various funds stemming from a variety of accounts, including those which are separate. Jim has the expertise and savviness to fully grasp macro perspectives, fundamental collateral and the placement of a portfolio. With its partners, it boasts assets of $20 billion.

Recently chosen to become one of Nextpoint Residential Trust, Inc. board of directors, Jim received his education from the prestigious University of Virginia where he earned his Bachelor of Science degree in commerce. JP Morgan also provided the youngster with additional financial knowledge prior to James developing the Texas based Highland Capital in the early 1990’s. Always one to value the benefits of education, James Dondero saw to it that $1 million was donated to the nonprofit program based in Texas known as Reasoning Mind, whose goal is to make improvements to math education.

Jim is aware that times are changing and to be successful, business tactics and investments must also be switched up. For example the global startups such as those in Berlin and Germany are seeing promising changes due to venture capitalists (many in the U.S.) seeking them out for investment growth. Investing in new startup businesses in Europe not only is less expensive, but delivering promising results all around. Huge companies such as Google and have recently benefitted from this practice. Not only have they gained financially, but companies have access to individuals that are highly educated in technology with fresh ideas. Additionally it is more affordable for these companies to invest or acquire a startup in Stockholm or Berlin than it is in Boston. While the startup businesses in Europe are far from thriving, this is slowly changing in a positive way as billion-dollar firms are popping up.

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