Espresso Lovers Conquer a New Frontier

Good news for those who can’t go a day without an espresso. The first espresso ever made and consumed in spaces was enjoyed by Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. She is known to be a ground breaker as she is also the first Italian female astronaut to go into space.
This feat was a coordination of efforts of the Italian Space Agency, espresso maker Lavassa and engineering firm Argotek. This 44 pound piece of equipment can also be used to make other hot beverages to drink as well as hot broth to rehydrate freeze dried astronaut food.
The astronauts drink the hot beverages from pouches with a straw to contain the hot liquids. They also have several microgravity coffee cups they can use in the future. Variety says that STX Entertainment is excited that they will be able to stay awake if they ever start making movies in Space. This information can be used back on earth to help develop and improve medical diagnostic equipment.

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