Entrepreneur And Businessman Marc Sparks Invests In Human Capital

Marc Sparks is a very successful businessman and entrepreneur. He has been able to build profitable businesses in a number of fields. In the telecom industry he is known for his work with Splash Media, Cardinal Telecom and Blue Jay Wireless. Sparks has also had a successful career in real estate and as a business solutions expert. Learn more about Marc Sparks: https://disqus.com/by/marcsparks/

Currently he runs Timber Creek Capital and maintains a number of portfolio companies. Marc Sparks is viewed by many as a man with a golden touch. Everything he gets involved with does well.

But it hasn’t always been this way. Marc Sparks remembers when he was a C student many people didn’t think would do anything with his life. His ability to focus his mind, energy and ideas is an American success story worth sharing. And Sparks is doing just that. Read more: Marc Sparks (Author of They Can’t Eat You) – Goodreads

These days in addition to all his business interests he is working on a book called ‘They Can’t Eat You‘. It’s a book about overcoming fear and finding success. Sparks wants as many people as possible to understand that if he, a former C student, can succeed, they can do the same.

Many people know and respect Marc Sparks as a visionary venture capitalist. These days his most important investment is in human capital. In order to do more than just inspire others, Marc Sparks has founded Spark Tank.

It’s a non-profit through which he provides financial and technical support to social entrepreneurs and helps empower them to change the world. Spark Tank provides $5,000 grants to Texas based community organizations that are working to help the less fortunate. Several times a year organizations apply to Spark Tank and Sparks and his teams decide on a grantee.

The organizations funded through Spark Tank includes ones that house, mentor, educate and teach job skills to young men raised in foster care, provide free child care for mothers dealing with serious health crises like cancer, help victims of domestic violence, feed the homeless, aid recovering addicts and help pets that otherwise would be abandoned.

It’s all part of the Spark Tank Social Innovation Challenge. Through this program Marc Sparks supports people and organization in Grayson, Denton and Collin counties and throughout the Dallas Metroplex.

But Marc Sparks does much more than that. For 15 years he’s been working with Lynne Sipiora to run a homeless shelter called The Samaritan Inn. The shelter feeds and houses more than 200 people a day.

Sparks and Sipiora also built aa apartment complex that provides transitional living space, support both the American! Academy for high school students and Habitat for Humanity and are building a $7,000,000 family shelter. Marc Sparks is using his resources to invest in human capital

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