Dr. Sergio Cortes – A Leader In Brazilian Healthcare

With so much happening in Brazil these days, Dr. Sergio Cortes is someone who is often seen making efforts to respond to health-related issues occurring in the state of Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Like any major city, Rio has its share of health problems and it was the responsibility of Dr. Cortes to respond to them accordingly as the former State Health Secretary for the State of Rio De Janiero. Dr. Cortes continues to work to support healthcare advancement through his efforts in the private sector.

Dr. Cortes has a background as a hip surgeon and currently serves as Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of Rede D’Or Sao Luiz. He has served in this position since June 2014. From January 2007 to December 2013, he served as Rio de Janiero’s State Health Secretary. He has an extensive background in medicine where he served as a doctor for Selecao Brasileira de Volley Masculino Adulto for ten years. He later served as Director Geral – Chairman for Instituto Nacional de Traumatologia e Ortopedia from 2002-2006. He spent a total of 23 years of service as an orthopedic surgeon for Cirurgiao de Quadril in Rio de Janiero.

Just before accepting his role as CMO, Dr. Cortes served as Counselor of Administration for the Instituto Brasileiro de Governanca Corporativa in 2013. This position played a key role in his current duties since he was responsible for improving the performance of board members and executives. He would work with managers to promote their exploits with substantial business experience. He also collaborated with shareholders and heirs to act as advisers and encouraged the development of corporate governance within companies.

The program he served in allowed him to discuss the role of the board, its relationship with management, and how to ensure its proper functioning. This position provided Dr. Cortes with experience in major themes that fit the decision and monitoring by the board of directors and prepared participants for the collective work of the agency. While serving as counselor, Dr. Cortes was able to deepen his knowledge in corporate governance and discusses the challenges in the adoption of good practice.

While serving as the Secretary of Health, Dr. Cortes was also responsible for coordinating with other state agencies during calamities in his municipality which demonstrated his real leadership. He was responsible for coordinating actions to provide early intervention against dengue mosquito proliferation and leptospirosis. Today, Dr. Cortes continues his work in the hospital and healthcare industry to address new healthcare issues that lie ahead in the future.

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