Dr. Dov Rand: Helping People Enjoy Optimal Health

Dr. Dov Rand is a New jersey based physiatrist and bioidentical hormone specialist (Facebook). Dr. Rand got his medical degree from Howard University College of Medicine. He went on to do his internship at St. Barnabas Medical Center and his residency at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Dr. Dov Rand got his medical license in New Jersey in 1992 and currently the hospital with which he is affiliated is Chilton Medical Center in Pompton Plains, New Jersey. He is also founder and medical director of New Jersey based Healthy Aging Medical Centers.

A physiatrist and rehabilitation doctor, Dr. Dov Rand practices only peer-reviewed medicine. Any treatment he prescribes is supported by articles written in respected medical journals. A health and fitness expert, Dr. Rand is kind, sensitive and understanding and gives his full attention to the needs and concerns of his patients. He’s the physician people turn to when they want to optimize their health.


A True Role Model Doctor

Called a ‘doctors-doctor’, Dr. Dov Rand is beloved by his patients. Many of them see him as a role model. His enthusiasm is contagious and he’s able to consistently motivate his patients to reach their health goals.

Never a believer in Band-Aid medicine where patients a simply given a pill for their ills, Dr. Dov Rand helps clients understand their diet and lifestyle choices are essential to maintaining good health. He’s currently writing a book called, ‘It’s Not Too Late To Live Past 100’. Dr. Rand is an expert in promoting bio-identical hormones with evidence-based support. The comprehensive fitness program he created begins with a complete physical and combines nutrition, bio-identical hormones, fitness and supplements to improve people’s health.

Board certified in the fields of regenerative, functional and anti-aging medicine, Dr. Dov Rand doesn’t simply treat the symptoms of an illness or injury he specializes in focusing on healing the whole person. For over 15 years, Dr. Rand has successfully treated patients suffering with chronic and acute pain using traditional practice like anti-inflammatory medications, epidurals and steroid injections. He has expanded his treatment to include acupuncture, intravenous vitamin therapy, nutritional supplement and cutting-edge medical techniques.


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