Don Ressler, An Entrepreneurial Prodigy

Don Ressler is someone who knows the inside out of the business world. Don is a person who knows how to run a business, and it shows in the numerous companies that he has started up over the years. Using his experience of running various companies, he entered a field that stunned everyone who knew him. His principal business right now is JustFab on, which is a leading fashion brand. At first glance, Don doesn’t look like a person who fits within the world of fashion, but using his incredible managerial skills; he has managed to make a name for himself in this kind of a field.

One of the main reasons why Don has been able to be a success in the field of fashion is because he has a keen interest in learning. His ability to pick up things quickly is how he managed to enter the world of fashion and establish his brand, let alone take it to new heights. By using all that he learned through meeting organized people in the sector, he curated a brand that fits all the customer needs and targets them perfectly. JustFab was established by Don Ressler along with his long time business partner Adam Goldenberg. Together, the duo combined their eye for business and exemplary skills to be able to make it big in fashion.

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Don Ressler has been in the field of business since a very young age. The first company that Don Ressler owned was one he started up when he was just fifteen. This entrepreneurial spirit is what has made him such a successful businessman. His first company was later sold to Intermix Media, after which they offered him a job to come and work as the company’s Vice President of Strategic Planning on This was extremely prestigious for someone of his age, and Don decided to take it up, head on. This was also the point when Don Ressler dropped out of school and moved across the country to work with the company. At twenty, he made Chief Operations Officer at Intermix Media. He received a lot of attention for this promotion and was the youngest person to ever do so at Intermix Media.

His sheer talent and skill show in every venture that Don Ressler embarks on. In his twenties, Don Ressler decided to embark on his business opportunities, which further led him to establish many companies of his own.

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