Darius Fisher and Status Labs Impact Community

In March 2015, Status Labs of Austin, Texas, took a look around their company and did not particularly like what they saw. Therefore, president Darius Fisher issued a command that his 20 employees were to create a workplace that they could be proud to work in on a daily basis. Even though it has been painful at times, the results are amazing and the size of the staff at Status Labs has almost doubled.
The company’s growth would not be possible without the leadership of Darius Fisher. His colleagues recognized his contribution by naming him Innovation award by 50 from PRWeek. Many top Fortune 500 companies recognize his power to protect their images on the Internet. Others listen when he speaks about how to successfully run a business.
While Darius Fisher is usually found working behind his desk, that is not always the case. He loves to play soccer and he also loves to travel. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.
He encourages his employees to engage with the community. One project that several employees have helped with is Dress for Success that helps low-income people get the clothes that they need before a job interview. Other employees have been active with teaching young people how to grow their own food. Still other employees have helped gather groceries for area food banks.
Under the leadership of Darius Fisher, the company took on their first pro bono client during 2015. This university professor had stood with students who called for an end to racial violence on their campus and was fired for her involvement. Darius recognized that one mistake should not define a teacher’s career. Therefore, he helped the professor create positive Internet news about herself.
Darius Fisher is a well respected individual who understands how important reputation management is to every business person’s success. If you need help in this area, then make sure to contact him and his team.

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