Cosmetic Safety Study by Dr. Rod Rohrich

A recent cosmetic surgery safety study was completed by Dr. Rod Rohrich that supports a standard protocol for each type of hypertension management during facelift surgery procedures. An archival review of the doctor’s Dallas facelift cosmetic surgeries supports a focus on blood pressure management as an important prevention for possible post operative hematomas. An effective protocol and preventive algorithm has been developed by Dr. Rohrich to use in order to avoid hypertension events.

A publication in the Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery journal highlighted a medical study using Dr. Rohrich’s archival data that included 1,000 patients who had undergone facelifts. Any reported post-facelift hematomas were noted. Hematomas are common complications that occur during and after a facelift operative procedure. An algorithm was presented in the medical report for plastic surgeons to use in order to reduce or prevent postoperative complications including hematomas.

The study outlined the characteristics of a hematoma including pooling of blood or a blood clot that may occur during this type of medical procedure. Postoperative problems can occur about the skin surface. Skin sloughing and edema are two common problems according to current medical literature. The protocol or surgery process that is presented by Dr. Rohrich tends to reduce these postoperative complications significantly. Effective blood pressure control helps to effectively reduce the possibility of a hematoma during facelift surgery. The protocol regimen or algorithm uses unique preoperative health screening and, also, carefully follows each patient’s reaction to surgery during and after a facelift. General anesthesia is used along with preventive and other hypertension medications as needed in order to control blood pressure.

This article was originally reported on WDRB41 Louisville News.

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  1. Dr. Rohrich and his colleagues who completed the study are among the distinguished faculty in the the department of plastic surgery at UT Southwestern Medical Center. It has become the top 5 australian writers that is vying for this much coveted position but I think one will scale through.

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