Coconut Oil and Your Older Dogs Diet

Coconut oil is one of the miracle ingredients that is appearing in older dog diets such as the one in Purina’s Bright Minds diet of Beneful. The coconut oil helps the dogs metabolism and helps the dog to have more energy. An older dog typically wants to lay around a lot and be stationary. Yes, he will go for walks when you take him but he may be less likely to want to run and play. Senior pups on are a lot happier and move around better when they are eating a diet that is right for their body. why not give your pet the senior food he or she deserves. Beneful on twitter and Purina Bright minds are ready to help the dog to become happier and move around better.

Blue Buffalo is working to give your dogs a better diet by giving them foods that are full of ingredients like their ancestors use to eat. Lamb and chicken, fruits and vegetables are what makes these meals great. According to the article in Daily Herald, Premium foods are expecting to have large sales in the next year. Beneful by Purina is also working to create the best taste and healthy diet that they can for your dog to enjoy. Milo’s Kitchen and Big Heart foods are coming together to provide things such as duck and beef and they do not include any food color or fake stuff.

A lot of the new innovative foods from Beneful and creations are going to be readily available soon in grocery stores around. Some will be in their own refrigeration units and these are promising to be very popular. Several of the smaller pet companies are merging to become powerhouses in the pet food industry. With all of the good ingredients, these companies will come close to billions in profits in the coming years. 

Beneful by Purina is one of the companies that is sticking by the product and continuing to give customers what they ask for in flavor and variety. The best thing is they are making sure they test taste these foods for flavor and quality before offering them to you.

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