ClassDojo is a Front Runner in Education Technology

Education technology is finally making an impact in creating a positive culture with classrooms and schools. Education technology is now more than fancy programs that wow students and make assignments fun. The technology is actually useful in solving problems and making teaching and communicating easier.

In 2015, education technology had an estimated profit of $1.5 million, then it suddenly took a dip over the next four years. Finally education technology bounced back in 2017 with an estimated $1.4 million, which many believe is just in time as planned budget cuts to education loom in 2018. Teachers are excited to have communication platforms that will bridge the gap between teachers, parents, and students.

One such program that has proved extremely useful and popular is ClassDojo, founded in 2011. Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders of ClassDojo, committed to meeting communication needs by listening to teachers, parents, and students. They thoroughly took into consideration what was needed to make communication better and created a product that accurately addresses that need. What they came up with is a sort of social media education site which allows teachers and students to share their day with parents.

With ClassDojo, organization and communication go seamlessly together as teachers are able to display messages, give directions, organize student groups in the classroom, and more. To make it even more accessible, the program is free for teachers and parents are able to download the app and view the information as well. ClassDojo is so popular that it is now being used in over 85,000 schools throughout the country with most of the teachers being grades K through 8th. After raising $21 million in funding, there are plans for ClassDojo to be even more empowering by offering parents the opportunity to pay school fees through their phones for things like lunch, supplies, and trips.

As education technology continues to expand and improve, teachers, parents, and students are excited at the new opportunities and easier management of education. Companies like ClassDojo will continue to develop innovative ways to bridge the communication gap, modernize learning, and improve the way teachers organize and communicate their lessons to students and parents. The future for students looks digital and bright.

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