The Miracle of Eating Pickles

Pickles are a delicious item that can either be eaten individually or can be delicious with any food such as a hamburger. It has also been said that pickles may even me a good cure for anxiety.

Researchers have recently been suggesting that by eating pickles, stress levels can decrease drastically. This came after a study of dietary habits of 700 college students. Students that favor food items such as pickles, kimchi, and sauerkraut are less anxious in general. Those with stressful classes or exams and who consume these food items have been proven to overall be less stressed out than those who do not consume these items.

Though this research and study does not actually prove anything, it does beg for further investigation into the matter on what could actually be stress relieving to a college student. The idea of the “mind-gut connection” is becoming a prominent topic among college researchers.

Food items such as kombucha, soy, and the miso in ramen are all said to be good for the mind. If further studies are going to involve this subject, new experiments will also need to happen. Other factors such as age, study habits, classes that are being taken, and club activities must all be taken into account. Sam Tabar says that in order to prove that food can actually cause stress relief, a stronger and more substantial researching should be executed to ensure the best and most accurate results.