And Now Premium Dog Food Arrives

Dogs do need to eat vitamin, nutrients, and an overall balanced diet. For years, owners believed dogs didn’t need to eat a high quality diet. Perceptions and attitudes are changing immensely these days. Facebook has written a solid article on the huge surge in sales on premium dog foods. The increase in sales shows owners are taking the health and diet of their dogs much more seriously. They have to. Unless dogs get the right amount of nutrients, they could suffer from dietary deficiencies.

Beneful is a popular premium dog food manufactured by Purina. Selections of wet food that mix turkey, carrots, spinach, rice, and the like may seem exotic. These ingredients are simple ones selected for their ability to deliver nutrients commonly missing in average-grade dog food. Beneful does not offer unique ingredients just to be different. There are nutritional concerns that go into decisions to craft the recipes.

Pet owners have come to the realization these ingredients are an enormous help to their pets. This is why the owners have spent $10.5 billion per year on premium pet food. Overall pet food sales are around $23.7 billion. That means premium brands are pulling in about 45% of the market. Years ago, gourmet dog foods were only a small fraction of the market. The food choices had to be purchased in specialty pet shops, and the manufacturers were small companies.

Today, big names like Purina are manufacturing brands such as Beneful. Beneful wet, dry, and treat selections are available in abundance on the shelves at some of the biggest retailers in the industry. The retailers know these brands are popular. They know the sales are surging. This is why they are more than willing to keep the brands in stock.

Quality plays a major role in the success of premium dog foods. The harvesting, cooking, and testing of the foods ensures nothing falls below promised standards. Manufacturers known the wet foods have to live up to their premium name. If not, then there is no reason for owners to buy them. So far, dog owners reveal they are pleased with what the manufacturers are delivering.