Sussex Health Care, Expanding Their Excellent Services

     Sussex Health Care is a care home that was founded in 1998. Over the years, Sussex Health Care has received several awards and rewards which have caused them to be one of the best care homes within the United Kingdom. Sussex Health Care has about 20 homes located in the county. Sussex Health Care has been supplying the health care field with the high demand and need for health care services. In the UK, the total of caregivers are been decreasing throughout the years due to the high workload and low pay. Sussex Health Care has been being run under Shafik Sachedina and Shiraz Boghani’s leadership, and together they have been working hard to obtain appreciated staff who treat residents like family.

With the decrease in health care services in the UK, Sussex Health Care has constantly been adding new services to their chain of care homes to meet the needs of their patients. Although Sussex Health Care does provide 24 hour assisted living care to their residents, patients are not required to live in the facility to receive Sussex Health Care’s services.

Sussex Health Care has added the new service of audiology to their chain of care homes. The audiology center has been accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Services. They have also been licensed by The Royal College of Physicians. These two organizations help to ensure that Sussex Health Care continue to provide state of the art services to their patients. Their audiology services are only offered at certain locations. These locations happen to be in Surrey, Sussex and Berkshire. The audiology department provides patients with hearing diagnostics and hearing aids that will help their hearing conditions. Many patients have talked about how comfortable and helpful the hearing aids are.

Sussex Health Care has also made a new gym that is open to the public. The elders and the disabled have been invited to come to the gym and participate in the different activities that they offer. The gym has treadmills, elliptical, weights, and even a pool. These are all great ways to strengthen muscles and try to gain their independence back. They will also be able to socialize with other participants. This is a great way to get you or your loved one out of the house. Sussex Health Care is defiantly the best care home around!

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The Medical Career Of Dr. David Samadi

     It’s irrefutable that menopause is one of the most significant stages in a woman’s reproductive cycle. To many, the period comes is filled with emotions given the fact that the onset of the stage is a mark of the end of a woman’s ability to bear children.

Regardless of what menopause holds for each woman, it is a stage that every woman will have to go through at a given point in the life. According to medical experts, women need to understand the menopause before they even get there. A woman’s body goes through various hormonal changes during this stage. Having prior information helps most females deal with various symptoms that arise from this juncture.

A lot of information on when and what women should expect during menopause is available on the internet. According to Dr, David Samadi, there are several questions women need to ask themselves way before they arrive at menopause. One of the questions is; at what age should a woman expect menopause? There is no specific date for every woman to begin menopause. Our genes contribute substantially to our diversity. Some women will stop menstruating at a different time compared to other women. The average age for menopause is 51 years. Some ladies will start as early as 45 years or as late as 55 years.

Several symptoms manifest in an individual who’s going through menopause. Some women complain of sudden hot flashes while some have problems with mood and vaginal lubrication. The most severe of menopause symptoms is hot flashes and women are advised to avoid possible triggers of the symptom.

Some of the chronic health conditions that are associated with menopause include brittle bone disease better known as osteoporosis. To deal with the state women are advised to increase their intake of calcium-rich diets such as dairy products and vegetables.

According to a renowned medical expert in the field of oncology and reproductive health, Dr. David Samadi, women should hold this conversation so that they are better prepared to handle what comes with menopause.

Dr. David Samadi boasts of vast experience in the fields of urology, oncology, and laparoscopic surgery. He has helped a lot of individuals get access to the best solutions from his area of specialization. Dr. David Samadi holds several influential posts at the Lenox Hill Hospital, and he is one of the medical correspondents for a renowned broadcaster, Fox News.

Aloft South Beach Construction by JMH Developers Under the Management of Jason Halpern

JMH Development Company is a full real estate company that has a philosophy of historic preservation of properties. JMH is leading in development; it has an experience as a developer and owner of residential and commercial properties around the US. The innovative approach used by JMH has helped to create distinctive properties in desirable areas such as Miami Beach, Brooklyn, and Manhattan. JMH has a team of knowledgeable and well-experienced team of professionals positioned in all stages of the development process. The team combines its unique knowledge in the marketplace, unique on-site expertise and a high set of construction and development skills. The skills have enabled JMH to deliver properties of high quality and ones that can last over an extended period.

Over the years, JMH has participated in the development of some properties, the most notable ones being; Starwood Hotel and Resort in Miami which developed in June 2015. Other development was done in 2015 in Miami, where the company developed Surfside condo towers which sell for $55 million. The most recent development started on 30th September 2016. The announcement of topping off the aloft roof was made on 2014. The project was developed by both JMH Development and Madden Real Estate Ventures. The aim is to reuse the historical Ankara Motel and construction of a new eight-story tower. Since 2009, there has been no hotel that has been newly constructed in South Beach. The Aloft South Beach will offer larger rooms of around 360 square feet better than its competitors.

The Aloft will be located just minutes from the Miami Beach Convention Center, The Bass Museum of Art, restaurants, night clubs, art galleries, and boutiques. The Aloft South Beach’s guest will enjoy a 24-hour fitness center, flexible meeting space, and an outdoor pool. The hotel will also offer free access to emerging local artists and some bands and live streaming at W XYZ bars.

About Jason Halpern

Born on 1st January 1975, Jason Halpern is a known real estate developer who is the principal of JMH development one of the leading real estate development company in the US. Halpern took control of the family business, JMH development in 2010. Currently, the company has invested over $500 million in New York state projects. Additionally, Halpern is the director of Parametric Dining LLC, a mobile technology company. LLC creates software and interfaces that are used by hotels and restaurants. One of the software offered by the corporation is Suitemate; it enables customers to scroll down through the food offered by the hotel in real time. The software also allows fans to ask their attendants questions and get replies. Another software is Checkmate that provides a point of sale system that allows attendants to serve the needs of their customers with email receipts, digital signatures, and card swipes.

Cassio Audi’s Music Career and Brazilian Investment Management

Cassio Audi is a prominent Brazilian who specializes in investment management. He is anentrepreneur and finance mogul having worked in several business startups. Cassio has worked in both the public and private sectors. Before joining the world of finance and investment, Cassio was a musician. He was a renowned artist in a rock group. The band was known as Viper Rock Band. Joining his associates Felipe, Pit, and Machado, Cassio was the drummer. Since the establishment of the rock band in 1985, Cassio has been an active participant. The inspiration for the rock band rooted from Iron Maiden, a famous heavy metal rock artist.

Music Career

According to most of the fans in Brazil, Cassio was an excellent drummer. Coupled with his border orientation, Cassio loved people. He had a massive fan base when the group released their Killer Sword album. Among the best songs on the album were Killers, Princes, and Nightmare. That was around 1987. Following the band’s commitment to music, their album received a five-star rating from the music panel, Allmusic. This was because although English was not their first language, the group released perfect music. In 1989, Cassio quit the music career to delve into investment. He joined college and pursued business administration. Audi later attained his MBA in finance. He is an alumnus of Sao Paulo University.


Presently, Cassio works in the industry of finance. He has garnered relevant skills and expertise. His roles in the sector of finance include financial planning, the management of equities, business strategy, and project management, strategic forecasting, cross-functional management, team leading and business strategy. Cassio has perfected the art of offering financial advice to business professionals as well as families. His long-term goal in the Brazilian investment management companies is providing financial solutions to clients. Audi is clear about his decision to pursue business administration and management. He is driven by the passion for assisting people in developing businesses.

How Richard Mishaan Design Creates Beauty In Rooms

Richard Mishaan founded his design company, Richard Mishaan Design, in February 1991. He is located in New York City and is very experienced as both an architect and interior designer. He has authored a few books that are meant to be coffee table books as they showcase some of his designs. His latest book, Artfully Modern, has as its premise that art makes everything in life better.

One of Richard Mishaan Design’s clients is Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn. She says that what she loves about this company is that Richard makes things not only more beautiful but also yours as it reflects the client’s tastes rather than his. She says that when you go into a room designed by you’ll think the room looks absolutely fantastic but there’s no hint that he designed it.

Architectural Digest puts out an annual list of the top design companies in the United States. Richard Mishaan Design has been named on this list several times which is a testament to the great design this company puts together. The Editor-In-Chief of this publication, Margaret Russell, has said that Richard combines smarts with creativity. She complimented him that she enjoys the passion he puts into his work and the joy he expresses in it.

At Richard Mishaan Design, one of the key elements is that he doesn’t hide treasures. He says that men, in particular, tend to hide away treasured heirlooms that they have picked up while traveling. Richard says this is a mistake because you can find a way to have these items work in a room, plus they’re great conversation starters.

Great taste and using a vision of what you want to accomplish lies at the heart of Richard Mishaan Design. He has a knack for finding a way to make unusual combinations work in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

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Bruce Bent II Vice Chairman and President of Leading Financial Services Company

Bruce Bent II is a financial expert who currently works for a company called the Double Rock Corporation. He is the Vice Chairman and President, a role that gives him a substantial amount of responsibility and decision making capabilities. Within this company, he also oversees and provides leadership for six of Double Rock’s subsidiary companies.

The Double Rock Corporation specializes in financial services, and their subsidiary companies cover a range of industries including patents and the retirement industry. This is interesting because two of the companies that Double Rock owns have become known for being innovative in their fields, and it is in no doubt related to if not because of Bent’s leadership. Bent has a long history of executive leadership and management, and brings these skills into his work for the the Double Rock Corporation.

Bruce Bent II is an expert on cash management, and has been quoted in many finance publications including the financial section of the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and also the Financial Times. He owns 60 patents, and is looked up to as an expert on entrepreneurial matters, innovative finance solutions, and US patent practice.

His influence on the financial industry have been undeniable. His entrepreneurial activities have helped to develop expanded FDIC-insured programs here in the United States. His influence extends globally as well. He has written extensively on the topic of investing and his work has been published in the World Journal and the China Press.

Bruce Bent’s career history includes owning and running “The Reserve”, a large and successful money-market institutions. This money-market offering was unique and increased Bent’s reputation as a innovative entrepreneur in the financial industry. He successfully helped The Reserve close down after the financial fall of 2008. Because the financial industry was in crisis at this time, it was imperative to close down The Reserve in a way that did not add to the hardships that many clients were already feeling. The competent way that Bent handled the closing down of The Reserve was admired by colleagues and clients alike. Bent had grown The Reserve’s assets from $4 billion to $130 billion in 17 years.

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A Comprehensive Focus on Bruce Bent II and the Money Market Fund

A money market fund or otherwise called money market mutual fund is an open-ended mutual fund , which invests in various short-term debt securities like commercial paper and US Treasury bills. These short-term securities serve as a representation of monetary, liquid debt and high-quality instruments. Although money market funds are widely claimed to be as safe as bank deposits, they provide a higher yield.

The purpose of a money market fund is to offer investors an ideal place to invest easily accessible and cash-equivalent assets. Also, the mutual fund is characterized as a low risk, low return investment. Investors can buy shares of money market funds through brokerage firms, banks and mutual funds.

As stated on Wikipedia, money market funds are attractive to investors because they are not accompanied by the fees charged by mutual funds for entering or exiting the fund. Investors who choose to invest in this investment vehicle ought to have a deeper understanding of short-term US Treasury securities like corporate commercial paper, certificates of deposit, repurchase agreements and bankers acceptances.

In-depth Details about Bruce Bent II

Bruce Bent II is the son of Bruce R. Bent. His father was acknowledged for creating the globe’s first money market fund known as the Reserve Fund in 1970. He did this with the help of Henry B.R. Brown. Bruce Bent II serves as the president and vice chairperson of Double Rock Corporation, which is a top financial technology company. The company is known for providing the industry’s most innovative cash-related and cash management solutions to the bank, broker-dealer, retail and qualified plan markets.

Bent II serves as a senior executive to all Double Rock’s fully owned subsidiary affiliates and companies such as Intrasweep LLC, Access Control Advantage Inc., LIDs Capital LLC, Island Intellectual Property LLC and Landing Rock Group LLC. He is also a pioneer in the retirement services and cash management businesses. Bent’s collaboration with Access Control Advantage has availed an automated contribution plan loan solution, which minimizes borrowing by an average of 25%. Additionally, he is an accomplished member of the Entrepreneur’s Organization in New York City and the Young Presidents’ Organization.

Patients Have Every Viable Option At Their Fingertips At The Cancer Treatment Centers of America

At Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA), physicians now have access to the Clinical Pathways program, which presents all viable treatment options for patients to review and discuss with their oncologist. Patients have access to clinical data, response rate and the quality of life that they should expect during each treatment option, which gives them the knowledge to participate in their care.

In addition, the Clinical Pathways platform aggregates all available treatments for all cancers reviewed by oncologists and oncology nurses, who assist physicians in keeping up-to-date with the latest advances in evidence-based cancer therapies.

CTCA consists of five non-profit hospitals in Atlanta, Chicago, Philadelphia, Phoenix and Tulsa that serve adults with cancer who seek mainstream treatments and supportive services to deal with the side effects of treatment. The hospitals are known for encouraging patients to actively participate in deciding which treatment options to pursue.

Richard Stephenson founded the after being unhappy with the options at cancer hospitals. Stephenson’s mom had cancer and he was seeking comprehensive care for her, which he could not find. He and his family decided to open the first Cancer Treatment Center in 1988, where they offered the latest in cancer treatment along with physical and emotional integrated support services. Patients at the CTCA are assigned a team, led by an oncologist, but also consisting of a mind-body therapist, a nutritionist and a Naturopathic clinician. People travel from all over the world to have treatment at one of the CTCA hospitals, drawn by the organization’s reputation of providing excellent patient experiences.

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GPH and Livio Bisterzo’s Savory New Snack

Livio Bisterzo & HippeasIn April of 2016, respected entrepreneur Livio Bisterzo and Green Park Holdings launched a savory, crunchy new snack called Hippeas. Partnered with Starbucks, they have been an innovative addition to the menu, offering a new healthy treat alternative for everyone. Not only are they a delicious, airy morsel that pack in a serious crunch, they are extremely health conscious! These new amazing puffs are organic, gluten-free, vegan, low-fat, Kosher, and non-GMO, as well as filled with tons of fiber and protein for one crunchy, healthy, tasty puff!

As of now, their partnership with Starbucks only offers two of their six available flavors, Vegan White Cheddar and Far Out Fajita. The other four are still available on the Hippeas website, and they include awesome flavors such as: Pepper Power, Happenin’ Hickory, Maple Haze, and Sriracha Sunshine! If Hippeas continue to increase in popularity, hopefully all flavors will be available at the coffee chain, as well as more tasty flavor additions in the future!

Before Hippeas and becoming the CEO of Green Park Holdings, Bisterzo invested and grew a start- up business called “Little Miracles”, a company based off of organic blends of juices and teas. The brand went on to win several awards, and is now sold in nearly 20 countries. Shortly after, Livio Bisterzo ventured and founded Green Park Holdings in 2015, who’s focus is to create natural, healthy products while promoting and encouraging social change for the better of mankind.

The Hippeas brand mantra, ‘Peas Love & Giving Back’, shines through with all that Green Park Holdings tries to accomplish for those less-fortunate across the world. In addition to their Starbucks partnership, they are also partnered with Farm Africa. This partnership helps people living in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania. Farm Africa aids to help farmers in rural and poverty- stricken areas thrive and work towards building a better future for their families and their communities. For every package of Hippeas that is bought, Green Park Holdings will donate a portion of the sales to help support eastern African chickpea farmers through Farm Africa.

Green Park Holdings and Livio Bisterzo have had quite a successful year, and it looks like business will only continue to thrive for this innovative, health conscious corporation. Hippeas are an amazing first stepping stone for their brands focused on positive change. Between their partnerships, business model, and of course, healthy savory Hippeas, Green Park Holdings and Bisterzo should look forward to a prospering future of giving back, one pea at a time!


Why CipherCloud is a Leading Internet Security Company in the World

CipherCloud is an internet security company whose headquarters are in San Jose, California. It implements the adoption of cloud based services while at the same time ensuring the security of the users, compliance and control. The company renders its services through the protection of confidential and sensitive cloud data in Gmail, Microsoft Office 365, Box,, Chatter and other cloud based services. It also runs Connect AnyApp, which allows its users to simply specify the fields they want on web pages to be encrypted ensuring protection of data formats and operations.

The CEO and chairman of CipherCloud is Pravin Kothari. He founded the company in the year 2010, having previously co-founded ArcSight; another cyber security company, in the year 2000. He, together with a team made up of Varun Badhwar, who previously worked for, among others, built the company and launched it in February 2011. In December 2012, the company opened its Europe headquarters in London, England and added an Australian headquarters the following year.

In February, 2013, the company joined Box Inc.; an online file-sharing and cloud information management service, merging its encryption services into file-sharing and hosting services. CipherCloud then acquired CloudUp Networks creating a software that enabled the user to track data as it moved throughout the cloud environment, therefore restricting it from leaving the cloud environment without authorization.

The company provides cloud based information protection solutions for organizations and enterprises for encrypting their sensitive information, then storing that information in the cloud. It works by enabling the organization to securely adopt cloud applications by overcoming data privacy, data loss prevention, security and regulatory compliance risks. With its high technology platform, CipherCloud protects data in real time, before the information is sent to the cloud through Searchable Strong Encryption (SSE). The data is only decrypted, using locally stored encryption and decryption keys, after the authorized user retrieves it from the cloud. These keys are never shared with the provider of the cloud security services. Data loss, monitoring of the cloud environment and malware detection are also services provided by CipherCloud.

CipherCloud has received great recognition and numerous awards for their different achievements. The CEO, Pravin Kothari was awarded the CEO of the year award at the 10th Info Security Global Excellence Awards. CipherCloud has amassed a large number of users within the relatively short time it has been in existence, having been around for only four years. This translates to greater profits, which the management plans to use to hire more employees, expand their sales and marketing efforts, and open up new markets in other regions. This is bound to attract more investors, whose trust, CipherCloud has managed to achieve. In 2011, Gartner Inc., an American Information Technology research and advisory firm based in Stamford, Connecticut, named CipherCloud one of its best providers of cloud and cyber security.