News Article Discusses How More Dog Food Companies Are Producing Healthier Options

A few months ago, a news article about high quality dog food surfaced. It mentioned how Freshpet Inc., a natural pet food company, produces industrial refrigerated pet food.

Richard Thompson, the CEO of Freshpet, said what his company is doing is the next level of how pets are going to be fed by their owners. He was referring to the healthy dog food his company produces.

Freshpet wasn’t the only company mentioned in the article. Blue Buffalo Co. was also discussed, and so was Colgate-Palmolive. It was mentioned how Colgate-Palmolive has a brand of dog food that is designed to help dog’s lose weight, while Mars Petcare has its Nutro Farm’s Harvest line, which is made with cranberries and blueberries.

The article discussed how companies are getting more involved with delivering healthier dog food to pet owners. For example, Purina purchased Merrick Pet Care, a certified organic producer of wet and dry dog food, while Purina has been marketing its Bright Minds food, which is been with medium-chain triglycerides.

As previously mentioned, Purina has been pushing its Bright Minds line, but it also has Beneful. Beneful is also a popular dog food brand that Purinastore owns.

About Beneful

Beneful is a high quality dog food brand that offers an array of nutrient-enriched food that can help dogs be their best. Beneful is available in wet dog food, as well as dry dog food.

Some of Beneful’s dog food is made with real chicken, beef and egg, as well as other real ingredients. The brand sells dog food that can help dog owners manage their dog’s weight, as well as food designed for puppies and food meant for older dogs. Regardless of the type of dog food one buys from Beneful, they can rest assure they will be giving their dog something that is healthy for them.