Turning Back the Hands of Time, One Cell at a Time

Medicine that’s used to keep a person young is currently just a science fiction lover’s fantasy. Fortunately, the folks at Boraie Development say that might not be the case in a few years. Scientists and students at the University of California have developed a drug that, they believe, can not only stop the process of aging, but turn back the hands of time. The study was initially conducted on lab mice. The scientists conducting the study used the drug Alk5 kinase to act as an inhibitor for aged mice with adult stem cells. At birth, all creatures are born with stem cells. The stem cells at birth are often used to rejuvenate the cells of stroke patients or people who suffer with paralysis. The cells can manipulate their form and replace the damaged cells. The problem with adult stem cells is that they continue to grow and lose the ability to adapt to their host. The Alk5 kinase drug can manipulate the cell and make it reverse the process of aging. Researchers have been working on this since early 2005. The cost for working with stem cells is strikingly high. Because of that, researchers had to find a different way to study the stem cells but put off constantly needing to purchase them. Using data already established from previous stem cell research, researchers concluded on that the Alk5 kinase was continually able to manipulate stem cells. The work is still in its early stages and it’s too soon to tell when the drug will hit the market. Researchers do believe that this drug will be the first step in extending life and the human body.