IAP Worldwide Assists The Government in Many Ways

IAP Worldwide is one of the more intriguing companies that provides assistance to the U.S. government. IT, aviation, and engineering solutions are all accessible through the effective work of IAP Worldwide Services. The company has been so notable for its work, various news services have reported on the many things the company has done.

One of the biggest stories surrounding IAP Worldwide has been a recent contract signed with the U.S. Navy. The contract was a massive one. The amount of the contract is $900 million, which tells everyone how serious of a company IAP is.

The contract is dubbed a “Global Contingency Support Multiple Award Contract II” and deals with the Engineering Command locating at Pearl Harbor. The operations of the U.S. Navy in Pearl Harbor are critical to the United States’ ability to respond to emergencies in the Pacific region. In the modern world of high-end technology, engineering solutions are critical to the achievement of successful operations. IAP Worldwide Services is a major partner the armed services wish to rely upon to attain success.

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The contract is clearly a vast one. Among the components of the contract are “facility support services”. Construction duties are an aspect of these services and they can be used in military response actions, natural disaster responses, and more. Regardless of how IAP Worldwide is called to help the U.S. Navy, the company is sure to put its best efforts forward.

To learn about how IAP Worldwide can deal with natural disasters, all one has to do is look towards the company’s success in handling the response to Hurricane Matthew. Workers from IAP Worldwide aided in many different ways. One such area of support focused on assisting with providing emergency power in two major FEMA regions. Hurricane Matthew was a incredibly serious disaster. Help from IAP Worldwide was most assuredly appreciated by those in need of it.

IAP Worldwide Services has established itself as a company known to deliver reliable and consistently excellent assistance to those it signs contracts with. There is a reason why the armed services work with IAP Worldwide. The company does what it promises.

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Securus Technologies – Opening Lines Of Communication

Securus Technologies is the leading communications company responsible for the communication effort among correctional facilities throughout the United States. They have recently announced that they will be holding a free seven day phone per inmate. This will allow one free phone call, per day, per inmate in the Louisiana area due to the tragedy of the recent flooding. Securus Technologies is excited to announce the help and also hopes to help others out in the process. They have donated $50,000 to the funds to help those who are struggling with the flooding incident. They are allowing free phone calls up until September 7th and are estimating that approximately 250,000 phone calls will be made in the area. They believe that communication is essential and hope that it helps alleviate the stress and anxiety that the community is experiencing. They are guessing that the estimated value of the calls to be made will be around $300,000.

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In conjunction with providing this service to the inmates, they are dedicated to providing such services to the community and hope to continue to do so in the future. They have been in the communications market for many years, offering many different types of services to inmates and their loved ones. They are responsible for handling over 3450 correctional facilities and public offices as well as over one million inmates. They understand that these times have become quite stressful and they hope that they can help alleviate the worry and open the lines of communication. Securus Technologies is stationed in Dallas, Texas where the offer the most advanced type of secure equipment along with many different types of plans that are suitable to meet the specific individual’s needs. They are always focused on connecting what matters, and providing excellent services to the facilities is their focus.



IAP Worldwide Is Committed To Providing The Best Services In The Industry

IAP is a global logistics facility management group that employees over two thousand people in over twenty-five countries. IAP manages military facilities and research laboratories that are in remote areas of the world.Their reputation for reliability and responsiveness has been cultivated for over sixty years. IAP Worldwide strives to solve problems so that no one else will have to. They are ready to take action day or night and address issues that arise immediately.

IAP Worldwide offers a variety of services that cover just about every aspect of facility management. Some of the solutions that they offer include:

Aviation Engineering- IAP gives complete logistics and management including repairs and communications.

IT Communications- IAP provides top quality technical products and systems.

Power Generation- IAP provides power for facilities with green technology.

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Infrastructure Planning- IAP provides

The beginning of IAP started with Pan Am World Services forty-five years ago. They blazed their trail in the field of facilities management through efforts such as airport planning and engineering service. Pan Am Services was acquired by Johnson Controls. When the two merged, they became Johnson Controls Services Worldwide Inc. which propelled them to the forefront of facilities management and security systems. They partnered with the United States military and now are known as IAP.

IAP Worldwide works with our troops in locations all over the world including Saudi Arabia and provides generator power so that they can perform their daily mission requirements. They also provide air traffic control systems for our military in Afghanistan. Wherever our troops or government need support IAP is there to provide the very best services and systems available. They provide solutions to most management issues and supply remote areas of the globe with the very best personnel. IAP is committed to employing the most qualified professionals that are available. They provide the training and manpower to cover all aspects of service that are available.

IAP Worldwide is committed to providing the best products and services to our clients around the clock,every day of the year. They are constantly improving and evaluating their performance so that there are no gaps in service or issues with reliability.

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