Amazing Story of a North Korean Defector

At present, millions of North Korean live under terror of a Stalinist regime. In comparison to South Korea, the northern neighbor is a land of poverty, oppression, and desperation. Yet few dare to escape this country as often the penalty is death when crossing the border, or a sentence to harsh labor camps where many die. Yeon-mi Park is only 22-years-old. As many other North Koreans, her father was sent to a labor camp. To avoid starvation, Ms. Park and her mother defected to China in 2007, and ended up in the hands of human traffickers. Eventually, by escaping to Mongolia, she and her mother were able to settle in South Korea. Despite her young age, Yeon-mi Park has become a well-known human rights activist who exposes brutality of life in the hermit state. This has been noticed by the North Korean regime and it has been attempting to discredit Ms. Yeonmi Park, but with no success on the international arena already familiar with what is happening in that country. To describe her escape and life in her native country, Ms. Park has written a book, “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom.” It tells the story on Youtube of her arrested and tortured father who eventually died, escape, enslavement in China, walking across the Gobi Desert in freezing conditions, and final arrival in South Korea. Surely, the North Korean regime and its leader, Kim Jong-un (young but as brutal as his father and grandfather were) don’t like to see this book published. But, in this situation, they’re powerless.