Glen Wakeman and his Thoughts on Building Businesses

Glen Wakeman is a highly successful financial executive who is credited with building businesses using revolutionary thinking (NewsSky). As the Founder and CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, an automated software provider for startups, Wakeman recreates business imagination and ensure optimum results for startups. Interestingly, he is known for evolving a five-step performance methodology, which is proven by time and efficient results. It focuses on human capital, risk management, execution in business, governance, and leadership power ( Additionally, he has excellent exposure to corporate management, emerging markets, divestitures, and that makes him a highly successful strategist and thoughtful authority.


Wakeman recently spoke about what inspired him to found LaunchPad Holdings. He was regularly seeing many startups with excellent ideas fail to make success in the market. Wakeman was concerned by the factor as the numbers were really high. When he analyzed it, case by case, Wakeman identified that most of them lacked a structure around those individual ideas. He thinks that most people fail to capture the difference between idea and plan and think both are same. This is where Wakeman thought of creating a platform for the startups to make plan building hassle-free and simplified for the entrepreneurs. It was the beginning of LaunchPad.


As a proponent of technology, Wakeman always looks for technology implementation in business to make them efficient and value added. He is excited about the machine learning and its applications in business problems. Wakeman thinks that since there is a large amount of data available by now, the technology would have the power to transform the businesses. It can improve decision making, overall quality, and speed of business processes. However, Wakeman thinks that it may breach the privacy of people if not used it judiciously. He adds that it may make philosophical and political advancements to create guideposts that can better preserve humanity.


Glen Wakeman also founded Nova Four, a startup accelerator firm that offers strategic advises to developing companies and helps them to access capital. He worked with GE capital for more than two decades and was responsible for various leadership roles in business development, operations management, and general management. Wakeman completed his master’s in Business from the University of Chicago.