Numerous Ways Complaints Are Handled By White Shark

There have been quite a few complaints about White Shark Media. The company has also had a few complaints about the way that business is handled. However, changes have been made, and White Shark Media Complaints team has learned from the mistakes that have been made.

One of the complaints that clients have had is that they have lost any kind of presence and have failed to stay in touch with their AdWords campaigns.

Each client now receives an in-depth coverage of how the campaigns work and what they will receive with each new campaign. Another issue is the lack of communication. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

A monthly status call system has been implemented so that clients know about new components and if there are any issues.

Direct extensions are available with the phone system so that clients can contact the person who helped to set up the campaign instead of talking to someone who might not be aware of their information.

Some of the older campaigns work better than the new ones that are in place. TO help solve this issue, White Shark Media still has the option of using the older campaigns.

There are experienced supervisors who are ready to help in any area, whether it’s answering questions about the new campaigns and features available or offering feedback on how to improve a campaign.

When some clients have signed up with the company, they are in contact with someone who doesn’t necessarily understand their needs or the image that the client wants to portray.

All of the senior SEM consultants will examine new campaigns. This will help to ensure that each client is matched with a contact who has a better understanding of the client’s needs.

Clients have also complained about not being able to track their campaigns. There are new tracking features in place, such as conversion and call tracking, so that clients know what happens with a campaign at all times.

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