Larkin & Lacey

They say all it takes is a dream and a little “elbow grease” to make something of yourself in the great United States of America. And, it is true, in far more instances than not. Justice reigns supreme, in the USA.

Not to mention the institutions and system that are, in theory, established to protect the rights and welfare of citizens, for the most part. But, sometimes there are wrinkles in the fine fabric that is the American way of life. The Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is an example of one of these wrinkles being ironed out, with just a bit of irony on the side.

And, one little incident takes credit for starting everything, as far as the Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund is counted. The date of this event is October 18th, 2007. The actually details in question are the handcuffing and arrests of Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin at the behest of Sheriff Arpaio.

The whole thing is very much on the record as a cloak and dagger operation carried out by a “Selective Enforcement Unit”. It is all very cut and dry. However, the events that lead up to the arrests and what follows are not as simple or run of the mill, in their nature.

It is not Lackey or Larkin’s fault that a stream of bad blood between them and the sheriff resulted in a perhaps laps in judgment. As professional journalists, they feel that it is in the best interest of the public to know when people who should be serving them are ripping off the system and abusing their publically appointed powers.

And, if certain discrepancies or shameful, and possibly civically irresponsible, actions or thought processes are brought to light, then journalists really cannot be held personally accountable or deemed unethical. They are just doing their jobs and the right thing as well. Read  more: Michael Larcey | Crunchbase

The soil in which this little seed of chaos shoots is a story where the Phoenix New Times ran that held details of a subpoena. This document requested some private and personal information concerning the contributors and the consumers of the New Times periodical.

As a reply the request, the Phoenix newspaper printed a story, within the letter of the law, about the whole sorted request. With the first amendment right the side of Lacey and Larkin, the rest is history.

So, fast forward past the national outcry regarding the unlawful arrest, the public spanking in the Ninth Circuit Court decision and the hefty payout to Mike and Jim. At that point, there is their Frontera Fund and what is does for the public at large, which distributes information to protect the general public at large with articles in categories like Arpaio Archives and Trump Watch.

Those can be found in the All Files link on the home page. The link for Supported Organizations is also a power resource for anyone looking for a list of organizations that can help them with finding and joining a network of organization focused on civil liberties.

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