Drug Sticker Shock for Multiple Sclerosis Patients

Wikipedia postulates that most prescription medications cost us more than we want them too. Even with health insurance, out-of-pocket expenses for needed drugs are oftentimes ridiculous. Certain diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, cause patients to suffer from sticker shock when they have their prescriptions filled at the local pharmacy. For many patients, a year’s supply of disease-treating drugs cost more than an average annual income.

Many diseases require drug treatments that cost around $10,000 a year out-of-pocket when the patient has insurance. Take away the insurance and the drugs would cost around $50,000 just so the patient could survive and have some semblance of quality to their daily life.

Being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and not having insurance will cost a patient around $66,000 per year for prescription medications. That cost doesn’t include doctor visits and other therapy, that’s just for needed medicine and $66,000 is more than many people earn in a year.

Multiple sclerosis s a disease in which nerve fibers gradually degenerate, leaving the patient with muscle weakness, numbness, balance problems and may eventually cause paralysis. The needed medication reduces the number of ‘episodes’ that a MS patient has and also slows the progression of the disease. But at such a high cost, the needed medicine is not affordable to everyone, leaving them out of options and out of time.