Arthur Becker and his achievements in the business world

Only the mediocre and the unsophisticated give up when things don’t align. A brilliant businessperson will push on even when the stars asunder. Remarkable entrepreneurs employ cerebral strategies to overcome challenges and will learn from their failures. One such exceptional entrepreneur is Arthur Becker, a man who has nose-dived before and has countless triumphs on his side. His successes are attributable to years of experience and knowledge in the business world. His journey started when he was a sixteen years old, working in the parks department. Today, Arthur is a respected real estate magnate and continuously validates that he harbors an extraordinary personality.

The fashion and art enthusiast earned his Bachelor’s degree in art from Bennington College in 1972. He went to Amos Tuck Graduate School of Business Dartmouth to further his prowess. At the early stages of his career, Becker worked at Bear Stearns, a firm that mainly focused on private client services. Becker has also worked at ProGroup as a sales director. In 1994, he used the skills and experience he acquired to start his first company Bnox Inc., a company that majored in optical technology. Arthur also founded other companies like Advance Partners LLC and Atlantic Investors. Through Atlantic investors, Arthur acquired NaviSite, a company that offered internet services and served as its CEO for eight years. See also.

His achievements as CEO of NaviSite stand out and are more notable. During his time at NaviSite, the company made ten acquisitions and completed a successful public offering. The company became successful and caught the eye of Time Warner who later acquired it in 2011. After the acquisition, Arthur now invests privately in technology companies and has developed an interest in real estate development through Madison Partners, LLC. Currently, Arthur is an investor at Zinio, a leading digital magazine distributor.

What’s his secret? Arthur accentuates the need for collaboration and cautions that a sound leader should always consult his colleagues before making a decision. He also believes one can succeed in any area as long as they have the will and are open to grasp the basics involved. Arthur continues to wow business enthusiast, and defiantly fits my description of a role model.