Managing Search Results

When moving forward in life, the search engine is one of the most important aspects of one person’s career. It is important to make sure that there is no piece of information that can cause any damage to one’s life. These days, Google is one of the main sources of information that people use in order to see what type of person they are dealing with. Unfortunately for people that may have a bad page on the search results, this could prove to be trouble for him. Fortunately, there is a remedy for improving search engines.

Among the remedies is and other online reputation management firms. The idea behind these firms is to provide content that will help remove the search result that has a bad review of the client from the front page. There are a lot of methods of cleaning up search engines. The methods that uses to clean up negative news will help any business improve their online reputation. For instance, any picture, video or personal information about the client’s whereabouts should be removed from the internet completely so that he could be safe from any further incidents. Bad reviews could simply be taken care of by offering high ranking content.

In order to build and maintain a good online reputation, there needs to be a lot of different types of marketing. For one thing, there is search engine optimization and marketing. Then there is the use of social media in order to help promote a good image of the client so that people will be more friendly to the client. There is also the chance of further advancing in the career and even finding a job. A bad reputation can prevent people from moving forward with their goals. Online reputation management companies will make sure that clients are able to move forward with what they want.

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Make Your Search Results Flawless With Search Cleanup

Every entrepreneur strives to build a reputation of trust and integrity. Life can be so smooth when businesses are operated without issues. However, this is never the case. The reputation of your business is bound to be attacked, especially when the business starts to flourish.

If nothing is done to your bad reputation, then your clients could start believing the lies. An action has to be taken to counteract the bad reputation.

Five professional techniques to handle an attack

  1. Do not use direct combat

The first thing you think of after your reputation is ruined is a confrontation with the attacker. Things may be worse, and the clients may believe that the accusations are true. It will result in more anger, and you will look unprofessional. Instead, it is advisable to be calm and let your character speak out for you.

  1. Assure your esteemed clients that the business will run as usual

Customers fear in such situations since in most cases companies tend to be less productive or even shut down totally. This happens when the business channels its energy in fighting back. The business should remain composed as usual and run smoothly for the sake of the clients.

  1. Add extra value to you products

Clients stick with your business because of the quality they receive. Offering greater quality will make them stay focused on your firm and ignores the attackers.

  1. Get support

Getting external support from people you can trust helps you get clarity and new strategies. Vent out the anger before it becomes venom.

  1. Remain focused on your objective

The objective of the business should always propel you to move past the barricades placed on your way. understands how bad a negative reputation can impact on you. This firm is dedicated to clean up your mess. When you want your search results to be cleaned, the are the best option. You don’t have to react explosively. Act like a professional!


Darius Fisher and Status Labs Impact Community

In March 2015, Status Labs of Austin, Texas, took a look around their company and did not particularly like what they saw. Therefore, president Darius Fisher issued a command that his 20 employees were to create a workplace that they could be proud to work in on a daily basis. Even though it has been painful at times, the results are amazing and the size of the staff at Status Labs has almost doubled.
The company’s growth would not be possible without the leadership of Darius Fisher. His colleagues recognized his contribution by naming him Innovation award by 50 from PRWeek. Many top Fortune 500 companies recognize his power to protect their images on the Internet. Others listen when he speaks about how to successfully run a business.
While Darius Fisher is usually found working behind his desk, that is not always the case. He loves to play soccer and he also loves to travel. He is a graduate of Vanderbilt University.
He encourages his employees to engage with the community. One project that several employees have helped with is Dress for Success that helps low-income people get the clothes that they need before a job interview. Other employees have been active with teaching young people how to grow their own food. Still other employees have helped gather groceries for area food banks.
Under the leadership of Darius Fisher, the company took on their first pro bono client during 2015. This university professor had stood with students who called for an end to racial violence on their campus and was fired for her involvement. Darius recognized that one mistake should not define a teacher’s career. Therefore, he helped the professor create positive Internet news about herself.
Darius Fisher is a well respected individual who understands how important reputation management is to every business person’s success. If you need help in this area, then make sure to contact him and his team.

The Importance Of Acting Responsibly On Social Media For CEO’s

The behavior of CEO’s is becoming increasingly more scrutinized and as a result increasingly more important online especially on social media outlets such as Facebook and Instagram. CEOs, business owners and employees take heed of the following unfortunate situation that happened to Ryan Holmes, the chief executive officer at Hootsuite. After Hootsuite had finished downsizing the company and firing employees from multiple locations, Mr. Holmes posted a photograph of himself holding a cup with liquor, with the tag “Cheers to my homies.” Several employees who were just fired saw the picture of their former CEO holding a cup of liquor and seemingly saluting that they were fired. The post was quickly taken down, but backlash and negative reactions already occurred. The damage to the company and the CEO was already done. Although Mr. Holmes may have been saluting family and friends for the holidays, many employees took it to mean that he was happy that the employees were finally fired and let go as part of the downsizing.

Perception is key online, where information is readily available and accessible about people and places. “The best way to prevent CEOs or other high profile figures from falling victim to such an event is to undergo social media training” says Darius Fisher, a founder of digital reputation management company Status Labs. Due to the fact that CEOs are the face of the company in the eyes of people and employees it is imperative that CEOs and other highly visible figures know what they should and shouldn’t do on social media. Yes, it a private account of a CEO and not a company page or profile, but because the CEO represents the company, they must exercise extreme caution and use good judgement when posting photos and information as shown by the Hootsuite case with CEO Ryan Holmes.

If you have already suffered damage like Ryan Holmes has, then you might just be needed the services of a reputation management company like Status Labs to handle a public relations crisis. Status Labs combines traditional public relations with online search engine optimization to mitigate crises and restore personal and company reputation. Status Labs works with politicians, CEOs, entire companys, athletes and private individuals to restore reputation and confidence after a major event has dealt a blow a company’s or individual’s public perception.