The Rebound of New Brunswick City Courtesy of The Aspire New Brunswick AND Boraie Development LLC

Originally published on NJ Spotlight 

New Brunswick has used the last bit of the past century battling similar kinds of challenges that were faced by most of US cities: an escalation in immigrant populace, decrease in property value, plus comparative neglect. 

However a number of development schemes have been initiated by various investors since John & Johnson made a great deal of commitment not to migrate from the city, and this rekindled investors’ confidence in the stability plus potential of New Brunswick. Different from other aging towns, New Brunswick started recovering in early and mid-1980s. Although its advancement has been thoroughly slow. The following are some of the developments that have taken place in this city as part of its rebound process. 

The Aspire 
The 17-story housing high-rise forms part of the still-miniscule assemblage of posh residential units in this city. Positioned at close proximity to train station that has express transportation to New York, The Aspire leases a 2-bedroom apartment to a high of $2,800 per month. These apartments are likened to a number of highly classy housing units in Manhattan, by Boraie Vice President Wasseem Boraie. This project is mainly an initiative of The Aspire New Brunswick and Boraie Development LLC. 

College Avenue Redevelopment Initiative 
Describing it as the biggest development initiative in Rutger’s history, Rutgers in collaboration with Devco is constructing a quad for the university worth $300million on a 10-acre piece of land. Positioned on and everywhere in College Avenue, the scheme augments a 200,000 sq. foot academic as well as administration block (the first academic building from 1961); a housing honors-college building; a 500-bed dormitory furnished with trade space as well as surrounded with an extensive lawn featuring an outdoor CCTV surveillance, seating, plus boardwalk; and walkways alongside cycling paths. The honors-college complex is planned to open during fall semester, and the other schemes are concluding next year. 

The Hub at New Brunswick Station 
Thanks partially to Devco’s combined-use Gateway facility neighboring the train station as well as the 600,000 sq. foot Wellness Plaza at the upper side of the street, the complex that is in front of train station has had significant upgrading in the last 3 years. Presently, Devco is launching phase 3 of Transit Village Initiative, a scheme set on a 4-acre area referred to as ‘The Hub at New Brunswick Station’, all through the Albany Street as u alight from the train. 

With such developments in progress, New Brunswick will certainly become a very urbane city with more features as well as optionality.

New HIV Vaccine Fights Virus with Virus

Researchers from a number of different institutes have collaborated to create a new type of protein that is showing huge promise for killing different strains of HIV. The protein has been tested against large doses of the hardest to kill variants of HIV and has passed with flying colors.

This new protein is the most effective way of killing HIV ever created. The protein is working so well that it’s a candidate to create a new HIV vaccine that could be used to eliminate HIV worldwide.

Rather than providing a small dose of a virus to strengthen the immune system this new treatment would provide white blood cells with a special protein coating used to kill HIV cells. The protein would be administered to muscle tissue through a special virus that would enable the body to produce the special HIV killing white blood cells.

The vaccine would provide protection from HIV for several months or even several years. CipherCloud says clinical trials will need to be run in order to evaluate any potential side effects of the genetically modified white blood cells in the body.

It’s exciting to finally see the possibility of eliminating HIV completely. The new vaccine may become available in the next few years if clinical trials prove successful.