What A Company – Securus Technologies

A company like Securus Technologies needs to be commended for what they do. They are the leader of public safety precautions, and they are exceptional at the technologies that they come up with. Even though, their clientele is based in the US, the world knows about them too. Their contributions towards making the world a safer place are well known.


They have created video technology that allows their clients people to converse freely from within their confined quarters. Most of the company’s clients are correction facilities. Securus Technologies made a safer way for the inmates to communicate with their loved ones on a regular basis. This keeps the visitors, the staff and the prisoners safer.


Many of their clients have written to them to let them know the positive results of using their technologies. The company published them for the people to see. They also invited the public to a visit at their location in TX. The people were taken on a tour of the plant, and allowed to ask as many questions as they had. It was a positive experience for everyone involved.


Since the company has the ability to create more ways to ensure the safety of the public, they are finding more and more ways. Their staff is educated and knowledgeable, and they can tackle any job that comes their way. They have a need to make the public safer, and every week they come up with more ways to do this. The future is something that the company looks forward to, and they are determined and willing to keep their lead in the industry.

Securus Technologies Highlights False Information Released By Competitor

Securus Technologies has released a press release in response to what it claims are false allegations directed against the company. The press release repudiates some of the claims issued by fellow competitor GTL in the law enforcement and prison management technology sector. Here are some of the claims that Securus Technologies has corrected from GTL’s allegations.


GTL, or Global Tel Link has claimed that they are moving forward with an injunction against Securus Technologies. They also claim that they seek damages for a PTAB validated patent. Unfortunately, for GTL the case has been stayed in Federal Court. This means that the company cannot seek any damages from Securus Technologies. AS for patent #816, it has not been validated yet. Securus will be seeking a rehearing on this patent, thus nullifying the claim that GTL can have injunctions or seek damages against Securus Technologies.


Another claim of Global Tel Link is that the courts have upheld 55 claims from the 816 patent. The company further claims that this includes the video visitation monitoring systems that allow prison personnel to monitor inmates and visitors. The correction by Securus Technologies is that the courts have actually not reviewed any of the claims made by GTL. There is only independent claim against Securus Technologies by GTL. That independent claim does not apply to Securus Technologies or any of its practices or technology in use. Thus the entire statement of Global Tel Link here is essentially false and misleading.


This is just a small sample of false and misleading statements released by GTL as it is losing in court to Securus Technologies in matters of patent infringement. Securus Technologies will continue to correct the false press releases with its own correct press releases. Securus Technologies is the leading criminal justice and law enforcement monitoring technology company in the country. This is proven by the greater amount of patents and license dollars collected over the course of many, many years when compared to GTL.

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