D.A.locks heads with the former Police Union Head.

It is unbelievable that a police chief would be an obstructionist. The accusation and counter accusations between George Gascon and Gary Delagnes cannot be said to be wrong or right prior to the investigation. The former chief of police for many years was believed to have been close to the police union.


These allegations, however, have without a doubt changed that perception. The two individuals worked together before for the SFDP but have both left the department. These problems would be assumed to be a thing of the past and does not still ail the SFDP.


In a sworn declaration Gary Delagnes give a detailed report of all the incidents that occurred during their careers with the police department. The allegations by Delagnes have been backed by the current POA president Martin Halloran.


What pushed Delagnes to speak was the after Gascon alleged that there was more concerned with the police department than when he was chief. George Gascon was chief from 2009 to 2011.


Delagnes, however, seem to think that the police department has improved as time has gone by and believed it is better without Gascon. Gascon was further alleged to have had issues with the ranks of the union when he was in the department.


Delagnes even says that once when they had lunch together with Gascon in 2011 said that he would even oppose the appointment of Greg Suhr as police chief. He later changed his mind; he was advised that the POA would not support his re-election if he opposed Suhr.


Delagnes added that the staff being close by being born and raised in the city they weren’t not the best. The closeness that they had precluded an objective look into the department. Delagnes say was a direct contribution to the former chief.


There were complaints that Gascon also raised about the old boy network. Delagnes says these comments are outrageous since Gascon appointments were consistently graduates of both San Francisco Catholic high school and Lowell.


The allegations that have been said about George Gascon are indeed overwhelming. From being racial to not careering much about his work cannot be taken lightly. The task force, however, will bring light to all the allegations made and the truth shall be known.

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