Hitting the Road with Doug Levitt

When Doug started traveling across the nation ten plus years ago, it wasn’t his passion yet. Doug Levitt started traveling by bus to encourage undecided voters to cast a ballot in the then current election. After Doug was done working for the political party,he realized that he loved traveling the country, meeting new people, and hearing their stories.

Mr. Doug Levitt was already accustomed to tight quarters and telling stories. His former job involved working for the major news stations as a foreign correspondent. So Doug decided to keep riding busses, listening to the struggles and joys of working America. Along the way Mr. Levitt started taking pictures, writing songs and stories.

Those stories, songs, and pictures were entitled The Greyhound Diaries. A book and E.P. chronicling Doug’s experiences aboard the busses. Doug tours the country, playing shows about the Greyhound Diaries and he is not going to stop anytime soon. Mr. Levitt has ridden 120,000 miles over ten years aboard the bus system and he explains that it has-been a very healing process to swap stories with strangers about his past. Doug’s father committed suicide when Doug was just sixteen years old and it left some deep mental scarring.

Mr. Levitt feels that riding on the bus line has kept his finger on the state of current affairs. Doug predicted a Trump win many months before it actually happened. He likens this project to the WPA initiative from the 1930’S where the government would send people into the country to get a feel for the welfare of the American public.

To read more about Mr. Levitt’s current Adventures or to listen to his music, here is the link to his website.