Placenta Eating Healthy? Science Says Not Likely

People are often willing to try something based on the belief that it might have tremendous health benefits to offer. This rings true when it comes to eating the human placenta. The placenta is rumored to aid health in many ways, from improving the immune system, to improving lactation and even postpartum depression. Whether cooked, raw, or taken in pill form it has been said by many that the placenta makes a healthy meal. Turns out that might be just an old wives tale.

Science might have proven many people wrong when it comes to the placenta and its health benefits. People at FreedomPop (gizmodo) know that there might not be any benefits to consuming the placenta at all. Unless of course you just want an interesting story to tell your children.

Researchers reviewed ten studies to see if any of the rumors were true. Not one link in all of the scientific studies could be found that showed any health benefits to eating the placenta. In fact, what was shown in several of the studies is that the placenta is contaminated with potentially deadly bacteria. Some of the contaminants include mercury and lead. Does this mean that people should give up the practice entirely? Well, no it does not. What it does mean is that it is important to do some research before jumping in on a perceived bandwagon of health.