Philanthropy comes into focus for Bruce Levenson

As the face of the NBA franchise the Atlanta Hawks Bruce Levenson is well known for his competitive spirit, but less well known is the commitment the former NBA Board of Governors member has made to philanthropy and charitable organizations. As the sale of the Hawks awaits the rubber stamp of the NBA owners group the additional funds and time Levenson will receive for his stake in the Hawks will free up even more opportunities for the former journalist to look into more and more charitable giving opportunities. From his commitment to the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland to his donations to the US Holocaust Museum, Levenson and his wife Karen have made the choice to help improve the lives of others.

Bruce Levenson did not make a conventional entrance into the world of business, instead he and business partner Ed Peskowitz entered the news and analytics industry in a store room where they wrote their first newsletter. This was way before Facebook, but it was still able to grow like crazy. The success of their modern approach to news led them to form the United Communications Group, now known as UCG and expand quickly when new technologies became available. UCG has now expanded its reach into many different industries and now offers real time analytics that are amongst the most respected and sought after in the world.

As time has moved on Bruce Levenson has found himself leaning more towards the world of philanthropy and giving back to different areas of the world in terms of charity. The commitment to the Center for Philanthropy and Non-Profit Leadership at the University of Maryland has seen the city of Washington DC and the state of Maryland become an even greater part of the lives of the Levenson family. The center has already provided a number of professionals for the many programs and charitable groups offering services in the area and will now look to expand its reach to a global stage. The growth of this center will now offer assistance to groups in India and Africa in a bid to continue the work of Bruce Levenson long into the future.