A Shifting Scene: The Changes In The Dog Food Industry

Beneful was founded in 2001 as a dog food company. Today, it is one of Nestle Purinastore’s top brands. The company was one of the first brands to emphasize the importance of nutritious dog food. Beneful did two things differently with their food. The first thing they changed was what they put in the food. From the beginning, Beneful added fresh and healthy ingredients like real beef. They also rounded out the ingredients in order to get certification from the Association of American Feed Control Officials. This organization is one that is not controlled by the government or by business interests. It is an independent body that is concerned with the quality of food that animals are fed. The second aspect that Beneful changed about dog food is the color. Usually, dog food only comes in a grayish brown color. Beneful thought that even though dogs can not see color, humans can and humans probably want the food that they buy for their pet to be attractive to look at. Due to these two changes and an excellent marketing and advertising history, Beneful is now one of the top five most popular dog food brands on twitter.

Beneful is not the only company that is making changes to the dog food industry. In fact, there are many newer companies that are coming on to the dog food market. The Daily Herald covered the story recently. In the article, it was discussed how some small companies are succeeding and moving forward. Other small companies are being bought up by the larger one who also wan to follow the healthier trends that are becoming popular in the consumption of dog food. The over arching theme is that dog food companies want to produce high quality dog food that provides the best nutrients. The article discusses the speed of development in the pet food industry, which is now worth more than 23 billion dollars. The real question that investors are now asking is whether a big profit can be seen with expensive ingredients.