The future of travel is upon us!

The days of wishing you could just get in your car and fall asleep, wishing you could wake up in Florida may be closer than we think. Virginia has become another test state for automated (driver-less) cars for companies like Google. Virginia has allocated 70 miles of highway in the northern part of the state and labelled it “automated corridors”. In order to proceed with driver-less testing on the real highway. The cars must first pass a standard test to prove that the company’s technology is implemented and up to date. Besides Google and Nokia, it is unclear to Alexei Beltyukov as to how many teams will want to test this new technology. The cars in order to participate must have license plates and full insurance coverage (which will be provided). Seeing that Old dominion is such an industrious area, the people of Virginia could really benefit form driver-less travel. Overall the project looks very exciting and the company hosting it says that they expect the first actual road tests to start within a years’ time. Which means that within five years you may be able to take that dream vacation you want, and not have to worry about the stress of driving all the way there. Keep your eyes and ears open for new updates on this amazing technology that is close enough we can taste it.