Two Convicted Felons Escape From New York Prison

Two convicted felons have escaped from a New York prison and prison officials as well as New York law enforcement officials are shocked at how easy the two were able to escape without being noticed by prison officials until they were gone. Richard Matt and David Sweat were both serving life sentences and are still considered to be extremely dangerous criminals. Richard Matt was serving 25 years to life for killing a business man after beating him and then snapping his neck. He fled to Mexico where he was held by Mexican authorities for killing an American outside of a bar there. David Sweat was serving life as well for killing a sheriff’s deputy. Two Killers Escape From New York PrisonDuring the course of an home invasion robbery, Sweat shot the law enforcement officer fifteen times after being confronted by the officer who was responding to the scene. Authorities believe that the men had help from either contractors or prison officials from the inside and it appears that their escape was aided by the use of construction tools enabling then to drill and cut through various prison security measures. Daniel Amen noted that the men have not been seen yet and it is unclear how they became to know each other during their time in prison. They are considered armed and extremely dangerous and should not be approached by any individuals. New York officials have put the state wide law enforcement system on alert and Canadian officials have been notified as well since the prison is across the Canadian border.