Qnet, an International Marketing Company

For the year of 2014, Qnet, a leading network marketing company, announced a 21% increase in business growth in the Central Asia Region. The company had a goal of increasing business by 15%, but surpassed that amount by six percent.
In the last ten years Qnet, as seen in this BusinessForHome article, has increased it distributors in the former Soviet block by more than 100,000.
A key growing consumer market for Qnet is Kazakhstam. In 2014, Qnet’s luxury watches sales increased by 36%. Jewelry sales were up by 42%.
In 2014, Qnet products that were launched in the area include:
* Air Pure 2–This is an air purifier product that uses Swiss technology to remove 99% of the contaminants from the air.
* HomePiure Alksline–This is a water idonizer with anti-bacterial properties.
* Force Maximus/ Artimus watches–These are Swiss watches manufactured under Qnet’s Bernhard H. Mayer brand.
Qnet is a Hong Kong based direct marketing company owned by the QI Group. They sell a wide variety of products that include energy, weight loss, nutrition, home care, luxury items, and fashion accessories. The company was founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran. He also serves in the capacity of motivational speaker for the company, using lasers, dry ice, and pyrotechnics to drive home his pitch.
The company’s marketing strategy employs the direct selling and multi-level marketing system. Independent reps sell the products and services, recruit members into their group, and derive income from these activities in a binary fashion.
In its early days the company, initially known as Gold Quest, made custom made commemorative coins. The company made its first step into diversification by entering into a partnership with a travel and vacation company, QVI Club. In 2005 they acquired QI Comm. a British telecommunications company. In 2006 Qnet expanded into the energy, health, and nutritional products markets. They also developed the Mayer brand of watches. In the same year they bought Prana Resorts and Spa, a vegetarian resort in Koh Samui. Next came a vegetarian organic health store located in Hawaii called Down to Earth.