Miami Beach Metrik Properties Are More Desirable With Samuel Strauch At The Helm

Many of the featured homes, condos, and luxury properties in Miami Beach have international appeal. These properties are situated near beach fronts, select metro locales, and in proximity to the most luxurious hotel properties in the world. Metrik offers access for buyers of Miami Beach luxury properties that cannot be gained anywhere else. The executive team of realty experts at Metrik, including Samuel Strauch, has created a unique channel for investors to survey and intimately experience the most desirable properties in the Miami Beach area.

Samuel Strauch is a graduate of programs at Hofstra University, Erasmus University, and Harvard. He started a small tech company in 2002, but quickly gained the attention of several regional real estate groups. Metrik of Florida presented the best opportunity for Strauch to put his expertise to use. As a result, this company has grown into one of the most influential real estate groups in Florida and Latin America.

Samuel Strauch’s concentration on new technological interfaces has made him an excellent match as an executive at Metrik. His knowledge of PHP and SQL allowed him to innovative an exciting company interface with platforms like Salesforce. This knowledge of web development skills as a company executive made Strauch an indispensable resource for Metrik.

Executive leadership shown by leaders like Samuel Strauch has made the Metrik Miami property listings available to worldwide investors. This company has grown from a local real estate entity to an international powerhouse that regularly sells high-profile properties in Miami Beach that only certain individuals can gain access to. The luxury Miami Beach real estate market is vibrant. It is best viewed through a select realtor service like Metrik because of exceptional executive oversight, planning, and influence.

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