The Measles Vaccine May Guard Against Other Infectious Diseases

It is hard to think of many breakthroughs in medicine that have prevented disease as effectively as vaccines. The measles vaccine alone has spared millions of children from having to endure a serious infectious disease. Everywhere it has been introduced, lives have been saved and quality of life improved. Scientists have noted something that they had not been able to explain about this vaccine. Wherever it is introduced, it seems to reduce the likelihood of children getting any other infectious diseases as well.

It turns out there are a couple factors involved in this. The first is that children with parents that are thoughtful enough to get them vaccinated will be taking better care of them when it comes to medical care. This means more trips to the doctor to check for any problems and additional vaccines to prevent other diseases. They will also be taking better care of them in general such as watching their diet more closely. The second reason is that measles apparently predisposes children to other infectious diseases by compromising their immune system. This makes getting vaccinated against measles even more imperative than originally thought because you are protecting your children against a host of other, potentially even more serious, infectious diseases.