Three Things Entrepreneurs Can Learn from Brad Reifler

Being a successful entrepreneur involves more than just making money, or even building a successful business. Entrepreneurship is a way of thinking and a way of life; it says much about using your life to build a legacy as it is about turning a profit. Young entrepreneurs are wise to study those that came before them, those that have built and are building their own legacies, to learn the key principles and habits that will help them to succeed as well.

One such successful entrepreneur is Brad Reifler, and his Wikipedia entry really shows why he is considered one of the finest in his field. Here are three things beginning entrepreneurs can learn from the phenomenal success Brad Reifler has built for himself.

Capitalize on What You’re Good At

We’re all good at something. We all have strengths, just as we all have weaknesses. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is knowing your strengths and capitalizing on them, using them to build your business. That’s exactly what Brad Reifler has done.

Brad attended Bowdoin College and received a degree in economics and political science. Both from school, and hard work in the years following graduation, Brad has developed extensive skills in the area of investment management, investment strategies, trading, and finance. Throughout his career, and especially in recent years, he has used his specific skill set to build highly successful investment and financial companies.

Focus on Relationships, Not Just Business

To make a business succeed, you need much more than a sound business plan and a good deal of capital. Perhaps the most important element to a successful business venture is the relationships you can bring to the table, as well as those you can build throughout your entrepreneurial career. Brad Reifler understands all too well the value of relationships in a strong business.

Forefront Capital, LLC, Brad’s current business focus, is as much built on strong relationships as it is on smart business sense. According to Reifler’s personal website, ‘the environment at Forefront encourages everyone to share the most important asset; their relationships.’ In fact, Brad has put together a network of successful professionals, which he calls The Forefront Community, whose members come from Fortune 100 and 500 companies.

Expand into New Territories and Fields

A truly great entrepreneur is not static, sticking to only one field of interest or idea. The entrepreneurial spirit drives many successful professionals to find new areas in which they can use their business skills. In recent years, Brad Reifler has expanded his investment know-how to a completely new clientele, a group of people that many refer to as the “99 percent.”

After years of working with accredited investors, who must be incredibly wealthy to even be considered, Brad has now opened the Forefront Income Trust, which caters to non-accredited investors, individuals that only have perhaps a few thousand dollars to invest.

Even though this is a completely new area and clientele to expand into, Reifler is convinced that the Forefront Income Trust will be both profitable and fulfilling.

Beginning entrepreneurs can learn a lot from experienced successful professionals like Brad Reifler. Can you apply these principles to help you make a success of your business ideas?