Finding Your Favorite EOS lip balm Flavors

EOS lip balm is one of most popular newer brands of lip balms. Their lip balms are of higher quality than older brands that were just petroleum jelly based and would wear off quickly and easily. Comparatively, EOS lip balm is much higher quality and made of higher quality all natural ingredients and therefore provides for a smoother application that lasts longer and does not dry out your lips.

One of the big benefits of using EOS lip balms is that their flavors are all natural and subtle. All too often lip balms use flavors that are too powerful and taste fake and are too strong. Nobody wants to apply an artificial flavor to their lips many times a day, but that is what you get with other brands of lip balm.

EOS lip balms come in a variety of different flavors which can help to satisfy any person’s tastes. Fruit flavors, mint concoctions, and even plain varieties are available so that you can select the flavor that is just right for your needs. To see a full list of the types of lip balm flavors that EOS has for sale you can visit Walmart or their website here.

A better option for finding the right EOS lip balm flavor is to select one of their multi packs which provide some exposure to a wide range of flavors. eBay and has a listing of them available. One we tried and loved is this pack which has both fruit and mint flavors included in it.

Among all of the flavor options, our favorite was the Sweet Mint. We have found that other brand’s peppermint options dried out our lips, but not EOS’ Sweet Mint flavor. It was soothing and enjoyable to apply and is now our go to lip balm. Some of the other fruit flavors including the Blueberry Acai and Summer Fruit also were smooth and enjoyable and not at all overbearing to apply.

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