Airport Workers Steal Never Released Kevin Durant Shoes

Two employees from New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport stole 12 pairs of never released Kevin Durant basketball sneakers.

The shoes have not been released to the public yet, and the market release wasn’t due until July.

The Air China shipment from Taiwan was intercepted by two airport workers, Calvin Colain Nelson and Audley Russell, both from Queens, who then proceeded to sell them online.

After the shipment disappeared, various pictures of the unreleased K8’s popped up online, including factory boxes, that were tracked to an Instagram account.

Authorities tracked the thieves through their sales moniker @SNKR_BASE. The initial ad appeared just one day after the shipment vanished from the airport.

Calvin Colain Nelson, a security guard at JFK airport, claimed he purchased nine pairs of the KD8’s from some other guy, yet both employees face grand larceny charges, as well as receiving stolen property.

Igor Cornelsen and the folks at say Nelson and Russell are looking at a 15 years prison sentence.