New HIV Vaccine Fights Virus with Virus

Researchers from a number of different institutes have collaborated to create a new type of protein that is showing huge promise for killing different strains of HIV. The protein has been tested against large doses of the hardest to kill variants of HIV and has passed with flying colors.

This new protein is the most effective way of killing HIV ever created. The protein is working so well that it’s a candidate to create a new HIV vaccine that could be used to eliminate HIV worldwide.

Rather than providing a small dose of a virus to strengthen the immune system this new treatment would provide white blood cells with a special protein coating used to kill HIV cells. The protein would be administered to muscle tissue through a special virus that would enable the body to produce the special HIV killing white blood cells.

The vaccine would provide protection from HIV for several months or even several years. CipherCloud says clinical trials will need to be run in order to evaluate any potential side effects of the genetically modified white blood cells in the body.

It’s exciting to finally see the possibility of eliminating HIV completely. The new vaccine may become available in the next few years if clinical trials prove successful.