The Financial Genius of Brad Reifler

The financial world has a lot of very smart people working in it. At the top of that list is Brad Reifler. He has been making great investments and leading huge companies for many years. There is no question that he has a career that most people would be envious of. None of this happened by accident. Brad has had to work for everything he ever earned.

He says that he is happy he never had anything handed to him. It allowed him to appreciate his accomplishments that much more. He has done about everything that a person can do at this point in his career. There are not many more mountains he can climb.

According to Bloomberg, Brad Reifler has received a lot of notoriety for being the man in charge of Pali Capital and Forefront Capital. He has served as the CEO of both of these companies. Learn more about more Brad Reifler:

Not surprisingly, both of these financial firms experienced a large increase in profits during the time that Brad was at the helm. He knows all the right buttons to push in order to get a company on track and keep it moving forward. He also has a great gift for sizing up the competition and finding ways to get the best of them.

Bowdoin College is where Brad Reifler received his higher education. He treasured his time in college. He has said in interviews that he often wishes he could go back to that time in his life when there was much less pressure on him.

However, he did learn a lot in college that he uses every day during his job. He has stayed in touch with many of his professors and classmates. He credits these people with helping him become the person he is today.

Crunchbase revealed to us that Brad Reifler has had articles written about him in a wide variety of financial trade publications. He has also been asked to speak and many of the most prestigious colleges in the world.

These facts speak volumes about how much respect Brad has in the financial community. People value his wisdom and want to hear what he has to say.