Beneful is Reaching Out into the Latest Areas in Nutritious Dog Food

Beneful is a revolutionary new design on Purinastore for dog food, and Freshpet Inc, is taking it to the next level with an authentic test taste. This incredibly tasty new dog food is manufactured in a pet food factory located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Beneful is the first refrigerated dog food, and Fresh Pet actually gives it a human taste test on their recent tour. The food is an industrial pet food that is new on the market and is getting incredible reviews. The human tester takes a bite in front of the audience and announces that it tastes “ just like Thanksgiving!” The pet-food industry brings in over $23.7 billion annually according to Amazon, and the new Beneful is winning the hearts of dog owners with a delicious, high quality chow that dogs love. Beneful is a line of dry and wet nutritional products that will fulfill your canines needs from puppy to senior. Every compassionate dog owner wants a happy lifestyle for their pet , and Beneful is a complete wholesome dog food that is made up of good, chunky, real food and packed with vitamins and minerals to meet your dog needs. Beneful has earned five stars with their healthy, wholefood, Purina Petcare is designed to give your canine buddy all the energy he or she needs to run and play on walks and playing with the kids. Full of nutrients, it comes in eight varieties of dry food and 20 varieties of canned foods along with four assorted tasty treats. They consist of wholesome foods that include beef, turkey, chicken and salmon and are highlighted with sweet potatoes, brown rice and spinach. They are prepared into a delicious kibble or canned food and have authentic flavors your dog will love. Nestle’s Purina has another outstanding idea that allows pet owners to customize their own special blends of dog food. They believe “the best nutrition is personalized,” go to their website and you can design new foods for your dog, and also stay up-to-date with the latest from Purina.