Drew Madden – Healthcare IT Entrepreneur

Recent news in healthcare reveals that CVS is looking into the potential purchase of Aetna. Aetna is a popular health care insurance solution for many individuals throughout the world. With that being said, even more healthcare news has developed bringing a slightly new look to the overall picture. Amazon has revealed that they are trying to obtain a pharmacy licenses in several different states. Looking further into the report shows that Amazon is seeking the license to cover healthcare equipment, not the medication part. Amazon will most likely look into acquiring the license to sell prescription drugs, however, nothing is set in stone.

With Amazon on the rise to obtain a pharmacy license, it has taken CVS To a new level of competition. As part of their defense and supple offerings, they have recently announced that they will offer a new type of plan that will provide nationwide next-day deliveries. These deliveries will primarily include prescription drugs.

In comparison, Amazon is known as a company that offers all types of products. It only seems natural that they would implement pharmacy services and other healthcare regimens. They’ve added whole foods to their reign of products and continually seek to offer a multitude of services nationwide. CVS is focusing their opportunities within their scope of practice by providing prescription drug services, insurance services and routine healthcare options located in many locations throughout the world.

CVS, Amazon, and Aetna perform as major powerhouses in the healthcare industry with their revolutionary technology services. They are continually striving to increase their positive business models and structures by enhancing many lives throughout the world.

Drew Madden has many years of experience working in the Healthcare IT departments as an entrepreneur. His passion resides in building expert teams and focusing on the company status. He worked for Nordic Consulting Partners in 2010 where he served as the president form 2011-2016. He was successful in advancing the company from 10 employees to 725 employees before he left. He graduated from the University of Iowa College of Engineering with his degree in Industrial Engineering and Medical Systems. His focus and expertise in the IT medical field have created a solid foundation for his career.