Choosing FreedomLife Insurance Does Not Have to Be So Confusing

When choosing life insurance, you will face a tough choice. Here are some pointers you should know about. First of all, consider whether you need term life insurance. Term life insurance costs less, but it only lasts for a certain amount of time. It is possible that you only need life insurance for a certain amount of time. Perhaps you want to be able to support your children up to a certain age. Perhaps you want to be sure that the bills you have will be paid off in case you pass away before you get a chance to pay them back. Whatever the case is, term life insurance is a good option for short term policies.

Then, consider whether what you really need is permanent life insurance. This kind of life insurance lasts for as long as you live. It never expires, regardless of how long you live. Now, this is a good option for many people. The only thing about it that some people may not like is that it costs a lot more money, simply because it lasts until the person dies, which is definitely going to happen, as opposed to term life insurance, where there is a good chance that most people will outlive the limits of their insurance. Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself which kind of life insurance works best for you. Term life insurance and permanent life insurance are the two main kinds of life insurance, but there are also so many other categories that are beyond the scope of this article. Read more about Freedom Life Insurance at Bloomberg.

If you need life insurance, you should talk it over with an experienced insurance provider, such as Freedom Life Insurance. Freedom Life Insurance’s friendly team will be able to guide you through your decisions. They offer various kinds of plans, and there is something at Freedom Life Insurance for everyone.

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Jeunesse Offers High Quality Nutritional Supplements And Skin Care Products

Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray are the duo that is behind Jeunesse Global. This is a healthcare supplement and skin care product company that they officially launched in 2009. The motto of Jeunesse is to help people look and feel younger through high quality products that enhance people’s lives. (See:


A popular nutritional supplement that Jeunesse produces and sells is called Finiti. It comes in a bottle packaging that contains 60 tablets. The recommended dosage of Finiti is two tablets twice a day every day. Finiti is meant to help you achieve greater overall health and fight against aging. Key ingredients in this supplement include Coenzyme Q10, tocopherol, tocotrienols and various herbal supplements such as astragalus root extract.


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Finiti sells for around $140 a bottle. The supplement is only recommended for adults that are age 25 and over. It contains no common allergens such as soy, peanut or wheat. The supplements are also preservative and dye free.


Another popular nutritional supplemented manufactured and marketed by Jeunesse is called M1ND. As its name implies, this nutritional supplement is focused on boosting brain function. Key ingredients of M1ND is CERA-Q and L-THEANINE. Both substances have been proven in clinical trials to help reduce mental distractions when taken on a regular basis.  Go To This Page for related information.


M1ND is sold by the box. Each box also costs around $140 and contains 30 liquid packets. The packets are one ounce each and are a single serving of M1ND. It has a lemon flavor and can easily be taken on the go to work. There are many benefits associated with taking M1ND on a regular basis. It can help improve attention spans, memory, concentration and mental clarity.


Jeunesse Global has also cooperated with a celebrity nutritionist to create the Zen Program. This is a program that uses Jeunesse supplements to help people lose weight to look and feel younger. It entails a three-step process to achieve better health and increased longevity. The first step is to detox to begin the journey to better health and youth. Next, the person goes through the ignition phase. This involves following a diet and undergoing weight loss. The last step in the Zen program by Jeunesse is to maintain optimal health through a good diet, exercise and supplements.


Jeunesse Creates First All-Natural Mind-Enhancing Health Drink

There have been few stories, over the last decade, of entrepreneurial success stories as compelling as that of Jeunesse. Founded in 2009, the company has quickly grown to become one of the globe’s most prosperous and best-selling health and beauty brands.


With distributors in countries ranging from Senegal to Singapore, Jeunesse Global is leaving its mark of beauty on the global population. The company is the brainchild of industry veterans Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, a couple who had spent nearly their entire adult lives building highly successful companies in the health and beauty sector. After having founded Jeunesse out of their garage, a few months after attempting to retire for the third and final time, the couple’s entrepreneurial instincts began to take over.


Soon, the company that they had founded as a hobby to pass the time was doing nearly $1 million in sales each year. By its fifth year of operation, Jeunesse Global was doing tens of millions in sales and had thousands of distributors the planet over. It was during the later period of the company’s ascent that Lewis began returning to the drawing boards to create some of the most innovative health and beauty products that had been introduced over the prior 30 years. (Click Jeunesse Global Fastest Growing Company Year to learn more about the company)


One of the products that the couple has developed is the drink called M1nd. The first cognition-enhancing health drink of its kind, M1nd has been demonstrated in laboratory experiments to increase working memory, lengthen attention span and promote quick and accurate mental calculation. M1nd is used by millions of people worldwide, many of whom swear by the drink’s almost uncanny ability to intensify their mental state and improve productive throughout the day.


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Another productivity-enhancing product with which Jeunesse has promoted its innovation bona-fides is the company’s AM PM Essentials. Made from a proprietary mix of some of the most effective vitamins and nutritional supplements on the planet, AM PM Essentials allows users to maximize their energy use during the day and get a great sleep at night.




The multi-vitamin has been used by thousands of people worldwide and has been shown to increase alertness by day and restfulness by night.

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Jeunesse Develops Full Weight-Loss System

Many products claim to be able to deliver the impossible with regard to weight loss. Products claim that, by merely taking a nutritional supplement each day, users can burn fat and build muscle. As any qualified personal trainer will be quick to point out, these claims are generally biologically impossible. The only proven way to lose weight and get in great shape uses a combination of nutrition, building muscle and curbing excessive eating. The hard truth is that there simply is no magic bullet to achieve these ends.


That’s why, when Jeunesse Global, one of the world’s most respected health and nutritional supplement companies, says that it has developed a multi-faceted system to deliver real fitness results, you know that you’re looking at the real deal.

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Now, Jeunesse has unveiled its Zen Bodi nutritional supplement as a part of its holistic Zen 8 Project weight-loss system. Simply put, the Zen 8 Project is one of the most advanced total weight-loss systems on the market today. With the Zen Bodi nutritional supplement designed by some of the world’s top nutritional scientists, this is no magic pill. Instead, the Zen Bodi supplement is designed, using proven ingredients, to help users curb their appetite, gain the essential nutrients their body needs to build muscle and feel at the top of their game, so that their workout sessions can be the most productive possible.


Designed by one of the world’s foremost fitness authorities, the Zen 8 Project is centered around three core components of successful weight loss. These are burning fat, building muscle and curbing appetite. What’s truly unique about this system is that all three of these goals are actually means in themselves. Building muscle will naturally help in burning fat. Adopting a healthy, fat-burning lifestyle will curb the urge to eat excessively. And curbing one’s appetite for low-nutrition-content foods will help in the goal of building muscle.

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In this way, the Zen 8 Project can be viewed as a sort of biological jump start. It is a first step in the right direction, forming lasting habits and giving your body the nutritional boost it needs to get going on the road to weight loss.

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Treating Sleep Apnea through Dentistry with Avi Weisfogel

Typically, people tend to overlook sleep due to various reasons including tight work schedules. Sleep deprivation can lead to a full range of undesirable consequences to one’s body. Such people may show a remarkable difference in their general appearance in addition to their health. Sleep deprivation also leads to puffy and bloodshot eyes, which could result in a wrinkled face. Fortuitously, there is a broad range of ways to deal with the effects arising from sleep apnea. Dr. Avi Weisfogel is among the most well-known sleep apnea specialists.

Generally, breathing pauses during sleep characterize sleep apnea. The pauses may last between a few seconds to even a whole minute. Sleep apnea can be suffered by anyone. However, studies and diagnosis reports on the condition indicate that overweight individuals are most likely to be affected. Probably, this is due to the reason that excessive fat in their bodies may interfere much with their airways.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel has been a dedicated and an achiever since his early days. He studied at the Rutgers University, where through relentlessness and hard work he earned his bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology. Subsequently, Avi Weisfogel attended the New York University to pursue a doctor of dental surgery. Having acquired the necessary expertise and certification, Dr. Avi Weisfogel started a dental practice, Old Bridge Dental Care, which has since its inception, been very successful. Old Bridge Dental Care received various accolades as the best dental practice twice in two consecutive years. Dr. Avi’s dream was to be the best worldwide provider of sleep apnea solutions with dentistry.

In 2012, Dr. Avi Weisfogel instituted the Owner Unlimited Sleep Patients. The platform served as a common ground, acted as a think tank through which sleep experts, as well as experienced dentists would come and freely engage and share their perspective expertise on sleep apnea. Through his zeal and thirst to help sleep apnea, Dr. Avi Weisfogel launched the Dental Sleep Masters. This is a program whose prime purpose was to tailor sleep appliances which are designed to offer relief to individuals suffering from sleep disorders. The primary specialty of the Dental Sleep Master’s Program is the provision of therapy, which is orally applied.

“AviWeisfogel A Man on a Mission”

Dr. AviWeisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters (DSM) in New Jersey. A dental collaborative committed to educating others in the field of sleep disorders and their impact on the total body. Weisfogel recognized direct correlation between sleep disorders and various complicated health conditions. Illnesses such as Strokes, Heart Failure, and depression, just to name a few, can be attributed to sleep deprivation. His brilliance, dedication, and love for humanity has led him to share his knowledge with others in his field. Thus, the DSM model was developed.

Weisfogel’s model has helped to make increasing gains in the detection and treatment of patients with sleep related disorders. The success of the program can be attributed to many of the distinctive benefits included as a part of the program. Education being its cornerstone, each recipient is given the most up to date information on the study of sleep and its related conditions. Direct access to a team of professionals who work directly with clients.Not only identifying the problem, but offering the best and most current solutions available. Continued support as well as consultations for specific cases is provided.

Avi’s interest in dental health and facial surgery lead him to join in a cause to support children around the world. The organization, Operation Smile was established in the 1980’s by medical health care professionals who wanted to bring medical care to children in the Philippines. Weisfogel launched a Go Fund Me page to assist in raising money to further this cause. The organization has thus grown to encompass children and young adults alike. Those suffering from a cleft palate, cleft lip and other facial deformities.Avi hopes that others will join him in helping to bring medical care to many who otherwise would never have access to such oral care.

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The USHealth Group Offers a Different Level of Insurance Coverage

The insurance industry provides people with insurance that gives them the opportunity to purchase insurance for specific needs that cover them in various situations. For generations insurance has been used to help millions of families related to a variety of important aspects in their lives. Insurance offers people with a level of protection concerning such things as their automobiles, home, and life.

While no one wants to be in a situation where they are faced with a traumatic event in their life, the reality of life is that things will happen that will affect people in a negative manner. What insurance does is protect people against some of the negative aspects that can occur when something bad happens in their life. An automobile accident can damage the automobile but insurance coverage can cover the cost of repairs. A tree falling on a home can damage the home but insurance can pay for the expense of repairing the home.

Insurance is a valuable item that many people do not think about until it is needed. However, insurance is needed before an event takes place. When people have insurance, the insurance can provide a combination of help that can prevent financial problems or other problems related to an event. The importance of insurance is expressed in many ways. One of the ways is by the number of insurance companies in the market that provides insurance. The insurance industry is one of the largest industries in the business world because insurance is one of the most needed products in the world.

The USHealth Group is one of the most flexible insurance companies in the insurance industry. The company provides a level of insurance that provides people with the chance to find insurance that fits their particular needs. The USHealth Group offers insurance for self employed people, small business owners, families, and employees of small businesses.

One of the things that separates the USHealth Group from other insurance companies is the flexibility that the company provides in regards to insurance types, insurance coverage, and people who can get coverage. The insurance industry has many insurance companies, but the USHealth Group offers a different level of insurance.

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Benefits Associated With Membership Plans By Innovacare Health Inc.

InnovaCare is a leading health care services provider suitable for individuals, corporate organizations and their staff. The group has developed programs to ensure the members get a holistic health approach. Their strategies primarily aim to foster and maintain a healthy lifestyle for the patients. You, as their member, stay fully informed on how to avoid the buildup of stresses leading to a plethora of adverse health conditions. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

Rethinking Patient Management

One striking aspect of the organization is how doctors bill their patients. In stark contrast with the other premises out there whereby there is a ‘one-size-fits-all’ pricing policy, this hospital charges for results. The physician gets paid once the patient makes a full recovery, and this has helped to deter the unscrupulous doctors from extorting their patients. This model will hopefully get absorbed and assimilated by the other medical professionals.

Here are some of the salient attributes of InnovaCare Health:

  1. Personalized health care approach
  2. Cost effective services and products
  3. The utilization of advanced technologies
  4. Seminars and Conferences for patients

Growth and Expansion

The business has developed and increased in size in the last couple of years. Their clinics are now found in the US and Puerto Rico. Today, the establishment boasts of an impressive 7,500 employees on their payroll. They have a membership base totaling to 200K individuals.

Meet the Doctors

The firm has accomplished a great deal courtesy of the excellent staff on board their organization. Each prospective team has first to undergo a thorough vetting process before they get considered for a position at the prestigious Center. The doctors working here are the crème de la crème of the medical profession. Here are some of the leading luminaries working here:-

Dr. Rick Shinto

Dr. Shinto was recruited in 2008. By then the company was called Aveta Inc., the vastly experienced physician has always been a staunch advocate of preventive medicine. Shinto is also renowned for assembling and training of the fantastic staff operating at the hospitals. The doctor is the recipient of countless distinguished accolades for his exemplary performances.

Dr. Penelope Kokkindes

Dr. Penelope is the Chief Administrative Officer of InnnovaCare Health. She started working here in 2015 and has since served in several high-ranking positions including serving as the COO and as the VP of Clinical Operations. The clinician has worked in the medical field for over 20 years, and she has specialized in developing efficient government programs for patients. She’s a mother who loves to travel and technology.

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Rick Shinto Wants The Best Healthcare Experience From InnovaCare Health

Rick Shinto, M.D., the President and Chief Executive Officer of InnovaCare Health, wants to see his healthcare services firm providing the best healthcare experience to its patients. Rick knows that with committed and high-quality healthcare services, the firm can earn that reputation. The managed healthcare services firm is known for personalized care and quality treatment to the patients. The motto “patients come first” is ensuring that all the services are patience-centric and they get best treatment and service.

According to Yahoo, The firm has developed a strong network of providers with innovative Medicare Advantage and Medicaid plans. The service providers include two primary avenues for care and a network of 7,500 providers. Altogether the network serves for 200,000 individuals considering the total membership. The innovative solutions that are cost-effective to address various patient needs, making its programs a huge success. The strategy to adopt the most advanced healthcare options in its networks, making the firm best-in-class medical service.

The road-map for the service provider is very clear, and it heavily invests on a strong relationship with the patient through excellent service and assistance. The management team of the service provider has a clear vision on its aims, and they ensure the best solution for even very tough challenges. It also focuses on convenience and transparency in its services. The firm very well understands that a community of mixed races, languages, and age groups would have different levels of difficulty in understanding the services offered by the firm. Hence, Innovacare is closely working with each patient to ensure that they get a smooth experience.

The leadership team of the service provider including the CEO, Rick Shinto, and Chief Administrative Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, is closely working with the team to give new ways of direction. Dr. Shinto has more than 20 years of operational and clinical experience in the healthcare sector. He worked with different hospitals and healthcare firms before joining InnovaCare Health. He started his career as internist and pulmonologist by practicing in Southern California. He worked with MedPartners, CalOptima, Medical Pathways Management Company, and NAMM California. He also worked with Aveta Inc. as the President and the CEO of the firm. He received the “Access to Caring Award” from Western University of Health Sciences in 2014, for making a difference in healthcare. He was also presented by “Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year” of the state of New Jersey.

When it comes to Penelope Kokkinides, she joined the firm in mid of 2015. Before that, she was working as the COO of Aveta Inc. She too has more than 20-years of experience in healthcare industry. She worked with AmeriChoice, Touchstone Health, and Centerlight HealthCare during the period.

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Markus Rothkranz is a Man on a Mission

Markus Rothkranz Weight Loss Special Epic Finale

Markus Rothkranz is a writer, speaker, artist and health expert. He was born in 1962 in Cologne, Germany, but moved to Canada with his family in 1967 and eventually emigrated to the United States and became a U.S. citizen. He is currently a resident of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Mr. Rothkranz began his career in 1988 as a special effects artist for the film industry. Between 1988 and 1990, he worked on special effects for several major motion pictures including Total Recall and Die Hard. From 1992 to 1995, Rothkranz also created art for pinball machines including Star Wars, Lethal Weapon 3 and Richie Rich.

Rothkranz is also the author of a number of books about healthy living, relationship and prosperity. His books have been or are in the process of being translated into a variety of languages. One of his first books about true health and self healing is an easy to understand tome that gets right to the point without a lot of fluff and teaches the reader how to turn your life around and never get sick. He includes step by step instructions and includes recipes and a meal plan. The plan in the book can be followed by anyone using ingredients found around the home or purchased at most stores.

How To Be Limitless_ The Only Way to Freedom

Another successful book is about edible plants found around the world. He describes the plants using images of the plant and describing the health conditions the plants are used for. Readers will also learn what plants make great toothpaste, soap and shampoo. Readers will also learn what common plants are edible and how to grow plants that can be consumed and used in personal products.

Markus Rothkranz is also a natural health expert, although he claims he is not an expert in such matters. Rothkranz has traveled the world to speak about health issues and was also the health consultant to the United States Military. His book about food and medicine is a guide showing readers how to use wild plants as a source of food and herbal medicine. He describes true wellness as more than a healthy body. It is a state of mind that will bring peace of mind, prosperity and self empowering.

Calcium is not what your BONES need the most- Markus Rothkranz

Another one of Rothkranz’s talents is as a motivational speaker. His audience includes international health expos, major corporations, the United States Military and multinational heads of states. His approach to his speaking engagements is to focus on positive thinking, raw foods and healthy living. He speaks with a great deal of kindness and passion he has the ability to connect with his audience on a personal level. He speaks from the heart and let’s his audience know each one has the ability to make them whole and healthy once again.

Markus Rothkranz speaks from personal experience as he tells his story about ill health, joblessness, failed relationships and no energy to move on. Using what he details in his books, he demonstrates how it is possible to change your life for the better.

Markus Rothkranz: The Power of Raw Foods (1/2)