Real Truth In Advertising This Time

Chaz Dean’s hair care line WEN has been on the market for a good while. I had seen numerous commercials for the products. I just dismissed them as the same hype we all see every day on television. My hair was not in the greatest shape and was definitely in need of something new and different. I decided why not! I would try the new WEN line and see what happened. I’ll admit I was skeptical at first. As luck would have it I chose a day when my hair was dirty and oily. After jumping in the shower I wet my hair and proceeded to massage the Wen into my hair and scalp. The products are a three in one deal to clean, condition and they contain a styling agent too. I noticed my hair felt different even as I washed my hair. It seemed thicker already. I thoroughly rinsed the cleanser-conditioner on from my hair and proceeded to dry my hair as I did everyday. I was very curious and anxious to see just what the results would be. Would I be disappointed as we often are with these new products and their fancy advertising? Well was I in for a surprise…a great surprise at that! Indeed my hair was much more shiny and manageable. And it had much more volume and body. Just as claimed this Wen on amazon cleansing agent had truly improved my hair. I was amazed and very happy. I continued throughout the upcoming week or so using WEN to shampoo my hair. I noticed more and more improvement as the week moved along. I will admit it took several days of using the product to begin noticing the full benefits. But I don’t think I shall be changing. Read this entire article in Bustle at

A New Breakthrough in 7 Days: Wen

We all know the struggle of frizz, split ends, and breakage in our hair. Nothing can be more agitating than hair that just won’t become healthy again. Not to fear ladies, there’s a brand new breakthrough that’s been sweeping across the country; WEN Hair products!

Wen Hair fights off dullness and breakage, with a five in one unique formula, Wen nourishes and revitalizes your hair from root to tip.Wen hair shampoos and deep conditions your hair, detangles the knots,and even acts as a leave in conditioner.

Originally reported an, from Emily McClure had decided to purchase from sephora and give Wen a try, and you would not believe the difference in just seven days! Before she began her beauty expiriment, she said her hair was greasy and unruly. By the time the end of the day of the third day rolled around, her hair was still sleek and shiny.

By day six, her friend’s began to really notice the difference in her hair, complimenting the shininess of it during a night out on the town. Finally, by day seven, her hair had still looked great, and styled easily.

As you can clearly tell, thousands of people have fell in love with Chaz Dean’s Wen hair. Why not give it a try?