New Flu Treatment Has A Different Approach

Every year we gear up for flu season. Some of us get the flu shot, and for the most part it helps. Of course, we’re never really sure how much, since it only protects us from the most common of several hundred available variations. Health officials know that as of now, there is no cure in sight. That means we have two options; avoid it, or treat the symptoms.

To attempt to avoid the flu, you can take the vaccine, keep your immune system strong, and stay away from sick people. Treating the symptoms has typically meant taking cold medicine, which doesn’t do anything to the virus itself, but it does make you feel better. In recent years, Tamiflu has been effective in shortening the length of time you are ill, by a little. Now there is a new drug on the market, Vasculotide, that approaches the problem in a totally different way, by not fighting the flu virus at all.

According to Igor Cornelsen, instead of attacking the virus, Vasculotide stops fluid from accumulating in the lungs, the major cause of serious illness and death. This gives your body time to recover from the virus without falling seriously ill. While Vasculotide isn’t a cure, realistically a cure isn’t imminent, and this might be the next best thing.