One Shot Takes the Fat Away

A study was released that detailed the effects and FDA approval of liraglutide or Saxenda. According to Kevin Seawright, daily shots of this medicine have been shown to help overweight and obese patients lose more weight than exercise and dieting alone. Researchers with the New England Journal of Medicine covered the study and said that this is the only weight loss drug approved by the FDA that will help people lose more than 11 or 12 pounds with daily shots. Numerous studies for the drug were given to the FDA in 2014 when researchers were fighting for initially approval. Over a year later, researchers behind the drug have finally gotten their wish. More than 3 thousand citizens volunteered for the study and the tests are still ongoing. Even though the FDA has approved the drug the researchers are looking to substantiate as much evidence as they can while being able to gauge the long term effects of the drug on citizens. The liraglutide drug can be compared to a similar drug that is used to treat type 2 diabetes in patients. When the drug is given daily and given in high doses it helps induce weight loss. The drug signals to the brain that you are full before an individual can overeat and retain excess weight. There are more studies to be done on the drug but the makers of the daily weight loss drug are excited and optimistic about the future.