Fabletics Believes Customer Reviews Are Important To Its Battle With Amazon

The rise of the Fabletics brand has been rapid since the brand was launched in 2013 by TechStyle executives Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg alongside founding partner and brand ambassador, Kate Hudson. Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important to the work of Fabletics as the number of those looking through reviews for recommendations has hit record levels with the majority of people looking to follow the reviews of existing customers; studies have shown the number of those trusting verified Online customer reviews continues to grow each year with everything from individual products to the reputation of an entire brand based on the reviews seen across the Internet.


For a brand like Fabletics which is looking to challenge the dominance of Amazon in the Online retail industry the need for high search engine rankings is all important. The golden rule for many businesses is the first page of a Google search is all that exists for customers as reviews have a major influence on the way a business is ranked when searched by a customer; in both local searches and global rankings a Site offering a range of verified customer reviews will rank higher overall than a business not offering customer reviews as part of its Website.


TechStyle is the umbrella company providing services for the Fabletics brand which has been at the heart of the growth of athletic clothing across the last four years. One of the aspects of the use of big data the Fabletics brand is seeking to explore is the response and collection of customer reviews which makes sure every possible avenue of the customer experience is consistently being monitored and enhanced over the life of the brand.


One of the main team members playing a role in developing the customer experience for Fabletics customers is actress Kate Hudson who had little business experience before landing her name and reputation to the Fabletics brand. Hudson played a personal role in making sure the customer service department of Fabletics was enhanced over the course of its first years in operation as she responded to the concerns of customers with a large amount of work completed by herself to build a better experience for all members. Kate Hudson and the team at Fabletics believe the development of the lifestyle quiz as the first step in joining the membership group acts as a positive starting point for all customers.

The New Hotel From Chris Burch Is Making Headlines

The Success Of Nihiwatu

Fashion entrepreneur Chris Burch has announced the opening of a new hotel in Indonesia. His hotel offers people a taste of everything that makes Indonesia special. People can enjoy the cuisine and setting that makes Indonesia so special for themselves. There isn’t anything like this to be found in the rest of the world. People around the world are praising Chris Burch for the excellent design choices he made and his ability to know what people want. That talent has carried him far and allowed Burch to reach an absurd amount of wealth. It is this sort of talent that leads many people to become billionaires and lead in the industries they choose to dominate.  More reading on bjtonline.com.

A Lifetime Of Success

Chris Burch has displayed talent for leadership and business from an early age. He was already running his own fashion apparel business while still young thanks to the ingenuity he learned in college. His passion for fashion eventually expanded and allowed him to pure investments into the fashion industry that would allow him to create a billion dollar fortune and expand into other areas of commerce. Chris Burch has used this wealth to make himself one of the most successful investors in general and to build an entirely new way of thinking about wealth and prosperity in America.

The Fashion Guru Strikes Again

The move into hotels that Chris Burch is making is just one example of how he is always looking for the latest and greatest advantage in commerce. It’s pretty obvious to almost everyone that succeeding in business isn’t as easy as it sounds. In order for Chris Burch to continue to expand into entirely new areas of commerce he has had to rethink his plan every step of the way. There is so much for the world to see from him and he wants to do everything he can to expand industries whenever possible. This is just the beginning.  Interesting news to read on huffingtonpost.com

About Chris Burch

Chris Burch is an investor who has made a fortune in the fashion,film, and finance industries. He has used his knack for finding the best investments to make in order to give himself a tactical edge over others who wish to invest. His sound investments have enabled him to create a billion dollar fortune and become one of the most respected advisors out there.  Check on wsj.com for related article.

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