Fabletics Believes Customer Reviews Are Important To Its Battle With Amazon

The rise of the Fabletics brand has been rapid since the brand was launched in 2013 by TechStyle executives Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg alongside founding partner and brand ambassador, Kate Hudson. Customer reviews are becoming increasingly important to the work of Fabletics as the number of those looking through reviews for recommendations has hit record levels with the majority of people looking to follow the reviews of existing customers; studies have shown the number of those trusting verified Online customer reviews continues to grow each year with everything from individual products to the reputation of an entire brand based on the reviews seen across the Internet.


For a brand like Fabletics which is looking to challenge the dominance of Amazon in the Online retail industry the need for high search engine rankings is all important. The golden rule for many businesses is the first page of a Google search is all that exists for customers as reviews have a major influence on the way a business is ranked when searched by a customer; in both local searches and global rankings a Site offering a range of verified customer reviews will rank higher overall than a business not offering customer reviews as part of its Website.


TechStyle is the umbrella company providing services for the Fabletics brand which has been at the heart of the growth of athletic clothing across the last four years. One of the aspects of the use of big data the Fabletics brand is seeking to explore is the response and collection of customer reviews which makes sure every possible avenue of the customer experience is consistently being monitored and enhanced over the life of the brand.


One of the main team members playing a role in developing the customer experience for Fabletics customers is actress Kate Hudson who had little business experience before landing her name and reputation to the Fabletics brand. Hudson played a personal role in making sure the customer service department of Fabletics was enhanced over the course of its first years in operation as she responded to the concerns of customers with a large amount of work completed by herself to build a better experience for all members. Kate Hudson and the team at Fabletics believe the development of the lifestyle quiz as the first step in joining the membership group acts as a positive starting point for all customers.

Fabulous Fabletics

Finding great workout and athletic apparel that is both fashionable and superb quality is not easy. However, Fabletics has certainly met the challenge head on and provides exceptionally stylish products at a great price!


The process at Fabletics is quite simple. Each outfit includes 2-3 fabulous Fabletics pieces, costing about a hundred dollars altogether. However, Fabletics VIP members get it for only $49.95. Plus, each VIP member receives an additional discount for the first purchase, making the final cost only 25 dollars with free shipping! After the initial purchase, VIP members always get free shipping!


After taking a Short Lifestyle Quiz, which helps the team at Fabletics get to know the member better, the members get monthly recommendations on what type of workout attire would best suit their individual needs. The VIP member then needs to log into the site between the 1st and 5th of the month to make a purchase or use the option to skip that month.


VIP members have the option to cancel their membership at any time. When calling to cancel, Fabletics will offer members outfit credit to reconsider canceling. Also, Fabletics makes returns painless, allowing members up to 30 days from shipment to return items for store credit or for an exchange.


Krazy Coupon Lady gave Fabletics a raving review. The styles are comparable to styles found at Lululemon, yet the prices are a much better value. Out of the six pieces reviewed, nearly all of them were rated high. The capris that were reviewed both garnered five stars, while the tops were both ranked high as well, boasting style, sexiness, and comfortability. Being comfortable while working out is very important, but ladies also deserve to be styling while working out!


Reviews from customers on Trustpilot also praise Fabletics on style and quality, but also on their awesome customer service. Having occasional issues is understandable, but dealing with those issues respectfully and in a timely manner is what makes a good company great! Customers on Trustpilot rave over the fit of the products, prices, and the ease of ordering.


Fabletics is a fun company that deserves to be taken advantage of. From the awesome deals that Fabletics offer VIP members to Fabletics recommending outfits for their members, this is definitely a service that needs to be checked out!


Fabulous Accessory Choices From JustFab

As so many women like me know, it really is accessories that help make the outfit. The right shoes or the perfect handbag can take any outfit from nah to yeah. This is why I was so happy to find out about the kinds of accessories available for purchase on the JustFab and Racked. I’m always looking for new and exciting shoes, belts, handbags and jewelry. I love to create new looks that are up to date but also just uniquely my own. I like to play around with all aspects of fashion including texture and color as well as mix and match evening items and day wear on fabletics.ca. I’m really fond of the shoes that are sold on this site.

Shoes From JustFab

Shoes are my foundation. I want shoes that look great and help show off my personal sense of style at the same time. I also want to have shoes that are comfortable to wear. This is why I was so pleased when a good friend of mine told me all about their retail stores planned for opening. I looked online at the site and I was pleased at what i saw there. I found shoes in all colors and sizes that are perfect for all seasons of the year. I have come to realize that I can turn to this site for shoes that are ideal for any season of the year. They have kicky summer styles that are perfect for the beach or just a walk in the park. their YouTube videos also showcase new boots that are ideal for those times when you want to run outdoors after a blizzard. All of their shoes are made from top notch materials that I know will last for several seasons at least and still look just as good as they day I bought them online.

Amazing Colors

One of the things that I really adore about purchasing shoes from JustFab is their use of color. Like many many modern woman, I like to use color not only for things like scarves and handbags. I also like to use color when picking out shoes. The designers at JustFab and Fabletics understand this. This is why they offer shoes on the site that are created from neutrals like brown and black but also show off shoes that come in wild colors like peaches and wild shades of blue. I know I can also find shoes in patterns. This is perfect on a day when you want to add a pop of color somewhere to your wardrobe. Color helps make even a dreary day feel so many better. I really love buying shoes here and picking out a style that allows me to express my own inner color sense. See: https://www.facebook.com/Fabletics/

Marie Claire Talks Fabletics

Marie Claire recently conducted an interview with the beautiful A-list actress, Kate Hudson. What you may not know about Kate is that she is a spokeswoman and the co-creator of the popular athleisure company called Fabletics. Fabletics carries unique and fashionable athletic leisure clothing, and if you know anything about this type of clothing, you know it’s a huge and current trend. Kate talks her new additions to the huge collection of athleisure with excitement, letting her fans know that athleisure is far more versatile than people may have originally thought.

One thing about Fabletics is the unique styles and colors, and the sleek fabrics that are form fitting and hug you in all the right areas. Kate Hudson describes the newest line for Fabletics as being a collection of athleisure dresses. Sounds weird, right? But these dresses are not only fashionable, but they’re versatility allows you to wear them anywhere in comfort and while making a statement. One pictured in the article through Marie Claire is a sleek, black style that you could wear out on the town, to a formal event or casually at home or in your community. One other thing Fabletics recently introduced is a line of athleisure bathing suits. With funky styles, bold colors and great material, these suits are perfect for the upcoming summer.

If you’re not familiar with how Fabletics’ amazing Instagram stories work, they’re¬†pretty neat. You can subscribe to recieve new athleisure pieces each month at a fixed and reasonable cost. They will send you packages each month based on your style preferences and size. It’s a fantastic way to add to your wardrobe gradually and keep your fashion current. In comparison to its competitors like Nike, the price is so much less. Since athleisure became a lifestyle trend, companies have added more and more athleisure and are able to increase the price because of the desirability of this fashion statement. Fabletics is the perfect company to try out athleisure- don’t waste any time!



New Merchandise and Gear is on the Horizon for Pittsburgh Steelers Fans

Pittsburgh Steelers’ gear and fashion has been around for a long, long time. The various fan-fueled items have received a makeover and this should garner more than passing interest from fans of the NFL sports franchise. The clothing and other merchandise that bears the name of the Steelers is going to be very high-end. Quality speaks volumes and, in this case, it may be speaking to a larger consumer demographic. Steps are being taken with the new line to target both traditional fans and new ones on Facebook. Young girls represent a demographic the marketing campaign is pinpointing. While the fans of the Steelers are a diverse group, the merchandise sometimes appeared too uniform in design. This limited its appeal among the fans. The new approach to marketing and merchandising does hope to change all this. The executive overseeing this program is Susan McGalla, the new director of strategic planning for the Steelers. McGalla has an extensive career in business as she previously served as the president of American Eagle Outfitters and as the CEO of Wet Seal Inc. Her first job in the retail industry was as a merchandise buyer for American Eagle Outfitters and McGalla worked her way up the ladder at the company until reaching the top. McGalla is also the founder of P3 Executive Consulting. Her experience in high level management and consulting surely factored into the decision to bring her on board as an executive with the Steelers. Merchandise reflects a huge revenue stream for all professional sports teams. McGalla’s leadership behind this new venture may very well help direct significant revenue to the company’s accounts. And a lot of fans may end up being made happy in the process thanks to their new gear.