Eric Pulier Is A Philanthropist And Multimillionaire Entrepreneur

Eric Pulier started programming computers at a young age. He was introduce to computer programming when he was only in the fourth grade. He started his own database programming company when he was only in high school. He grew up with his parents in Teaneck, New Jersey.

In 1984, he attended Harvard University to study English and American Literature. Eric Pulier wrote articles for the The Harvard Crimson when he was still in school. He also took some computer courses on the side from MIT. He finally graduated in 1988 with honors.

He started the company People Doing Things when he relocated to Los Angeles. The company addressed the usage of technology to solve social issues like health care and education. He also started the media company Digital Evolution, when later merged with US Interactive at the end of the 1990s.

Eric has been involved with the social media site Starbright World. It is a social media network for disabled children. The website is designed to be an outlet in which they use as an outlet to their struggles of their illness as well as make friends.

He serves as the Chief Executive Officer for ServiceMesh. ServiceMesh is a cloud management service marketed towards enterprise level companies. It prives self service IT management software and services. The ServiceMesh Agility Platform automates the deployment and management for different cloud environments.

Eric currently resides in the beautiful town of Santa Monica, California. He owns a restaurant along with an attached nightclub. He believes that making constributions to society gives him purpose and joy.

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